Photo from a Listener, Taken in Jefferson
Are There Ghosts in the Trees?

To Jerry Pippin - I am from Dallas but recently went to Jefferson to visit.. I did take this picture of the house that was built for the ship captains and their families.. I saw this in the tree and not sure what it is.. If anything at all.. I don't have any info on the house.. Except what they told us..
This picture is NOT touched in anyway what so ever. A digital picture taken on an old HP 315 camera.
Just wanted to see what your thoughts were.
Donovan Bryan

Mr. Bryan- Our entire crew was seeing things when we made the trip down there to tape this show at those faces could very well be from the other side or perhaps just a trick by the digital camera, I leave it up to you to decide for yourself.  
Jerry Pippin 8-08-08

Dr. Rita Louise and Jerry
Program Introduction

Jefferson, Texas is known to some as the most haunted small town in Texas. There are many stories associated with the town and with the many old buildings in the town, the Jefferson Hotel being no exception. While most guests and employees have not had any ghostly experiences, there are several stories that have been told through the years.

Guests at the one hundred and fifty year old building on the historic Jefferson waterfront regularly report similar occurrences. Whispers from nowhere, orchestra music from a closed dining hall, knocks on walls and headboards, the smell of cigar smoke in the smoke-free building, faucets opening of their own accord, and doors pulling back when pulled shut!!!

People who have been the only guests in the hotel have heard the click-clack of footsteps walking the halls in the middle of the night - even though the hall is carpeted! Children have been heard laughing and romping throughout the hotel in the middle of the night. A child calls for mama, a baby cries, but no children were staying in the hotel!

A former desk clerk named Michael was ending his shift. It was the middle of a slow week and there were no "paying" guests staying at the hotel overnight. Michael made his rounds upstairs, turning off lights and locking rooms before leaving for the night. He was closing the last door in the long, dark hallway when the doors started opening and slamming shut all at once!

Lights turned on and off as Michael dashed downstairs and phoned his friend Phyllis, a desk clerk at the Excelsior Hotel across the street. Phyllis reports that Michael was in a complete panic when he called, screaming that he was alone in the hotel but that "all heck" was breaking loose upstairs! He said he could hear doors slamming and the sound of footsteps and someone dragging furniture. Michael locked up and waited in the street for his ride that night.

Then there is the story of a couple in ROOM 5 whose young son awakened them repeatedly because a man in a long coat and high boots would not go away. Whispers and repetitive knocks are common occurrences.

At times there is a thick white cloud with a thin, long-haired blonde in the mist. She seems to be emotionally attached to a bed that was moved from ROOM 12 to ROOM 14.

A ninety year old man reluctantly told his tale of wandering the hotel at one in the morning after not being able to sleep. He saw the petite blonde woman floating down the stairs smiling at him, only to disappear before she reached the bottom step. He said he never believed in ghosts until he saw her!

Walking into some rooms, one can get the feeling of being watched. In ROOM 19 a man told his wife to go back to sleep when she awakened him with rants about a petite woman who chilled the wife's arm with a touch of her hand. Another woman took one step into the same room and refused to stay there - stating that she could tell the room was haunted.

Camera crews from various local TV stations and reporters from radio stations have all had their own weird experiences while taping programs in the hotel including strange shapes on video and odd sounds on tape. 

The identities of the hotel phantasms remain mysterious.  A psychic years ago said the hotel has seven nonpaying guests! Story from:



In this two hour program, Jerry and his producer, Roberta Scott drive to Jefferson, billed as the most haunted town in Texas. The program begins with Jerry talking with a listener about true ghost stories as he winds his way through the hills of East Texas to take part in a ghost hunt with the Dallas Metroplex Paranormal Investigations group.

The remainder of the program consists of a series of interviews with residents of the haunted Jefferson Hotel in downtown Jefferson and at the ghost train depot. Interviews include Vicki Isaacs, founder of the paranormal investigation group, and Dr. Rita Louise, well known psychic and alternative medicine practitioner, who tells Jerry about the communications she is having with "the other side", as they explore many locations said to be haunted in Jefferson.

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