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Stephanie Ann Stephens is a unique psychic as she is heavily involved in prophecy. She has visions that seem to come true, sometimes within hours and certainly in most cases within months. Jerry talks to her on the phone from her home in Tucson. In this latest interview with Jerry, she discusses angel writings and visions of an attempt on President Bush's life and a major Earthquake in Southern California. Biblical prophecy and her visions are also discussed in detail.

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Stephanie Ann Stevens believes she has a gift to see into the future. Her visions have predicted several major events well before they occurred, even forecasting the Gulf War and the 9/11 attacks in New York and Washington D.C. She says she can communicate with the dead, on the other side, and hundreds if not thousands believe her.

In the following interview, Stephanie gives Jerry an in-depth description of her unique gift of the OM, how she became aware of it as a young child and how, through the years she has been able to help and heal many people of complicated, as well as basic, physical and emotional ills.  She then describes some of the different means by which she is made aware of coming disastrous events, most prominent in her prophesies is a major earthquake that she feels is imminent in California.  She feels that our being in the end-times is a given, but that the nature of such times is constructive rather than destructive, and that we must all come closer to God.

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During the following wide ranging interview with Jerry, Stephanie reveals a terrifying forecast of another terror attack in September in New York City, and she explains to Jerry how she became aware of her gift in her early childhood. Stephanie is a well known performer in the Tucson area as well.

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Is this the Pre-Election Day terrorist attack target in New York City predicted by Stephanie in the interview?


Here are buildings (photos below) that adjoin the potential target site and are adjacent to the street that starts with the letter M, Mitchell Street (see map above), that Stephanie mentions in her prediction. How are they involved in the potential attack? Only time will tell. Note: this is a psychic prediction. Through its presentation here, The Jerry Pippin Show does not imply its validity.


The following is a transcript of a phone interview conducted with Stephanie Ann Stevens on 8/21/04.

Jerry Pippin: Stephanie I understand you have had another vision about the September terror attack that you think will happen on September 17th? Good Morning, and can you tell us about it?

Stephanie Ann Stevens: Good morning Jerry.. I had some more of the vision this morning.. about September and the UN. There were a series of explosions coming from Mitchell Place as if going down the street directly towards the right side of the building and also striking from behind. The explosions seemed to circle the building.. Further away from the building near restaurants and businesses, cars were overturned people lying on the side walk It was pandemonium chaos. They shut down the UN and evacuated areas. It wasn't pretty. But, there was an attack of some kind coming from Mitchell place.

Pippin: You are sure of the location?

Stevens: Yes, because in the vision, it went right to the map and showed it.

Pippin: These visions are sort of a like a movie then?

Stevens: In another vision, Again it looks like 2004, not too distant future I saw a car bomb and explosions in the middle of downtown LA. There's a huge bank building to the west of this area, it has two really tall radio towers on it.

Pippin: I am not familiar with that building, but it could be there.

Stevens: It is a bank or some kind of financial headquarters.. Is this all you can tell us?

Pippin: I have been told there is a bank building like that in downtown LA.

Stevens: I believe the vision showed the name of the bank, It is the CitiBank Building in downtown LA. In another vision I could see what looked like a Jewish leader being carried out by a group of men either looking like a funeral procession and this was a prominent Jewish leader. The man is large, kind of heavy set black hair..

Pippin: Tell me more about this vision, if you can.

Stevens: I t was Jewish, this funeral procession and there was a woman and another man in prominence being carried out as well.. Then an older grey haired Jewish leader was addressing a group regarding this fallen other leader.

Pippin: Was this one continuous vision or what:

Stevens: No, these are all separate visions.. something is building up here for certain.. If you have any insight on these let me know.. It's between 2004-and 2005..

Pippin: All we can do is put this out there, on the web site and see if anyone can add to this. Keep us informed in case you have more visions, please. Thanks! Stephanie.

Stevens: This is all very dramatic and upsetting. Thanks, Jerry.

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