Note from Jerry Pippin:  We are postponing the start of this new series until the middle of July. I am going to be meeting with James Smith who will be the producer of this new series and Farah Yurdozu who will be reporting on International sightings each episode. Both will be in Roswell, N.M. with me for our Roswell series.   

Watch for the date and time of the debut special  a 90 minute show looking back over this year's UFO sightings, this is a program you do not want to miss.. Debut date announcement coming soon.

Host Jerry Pippin anchors the most in-depth reports of UFO news and sightings   

Paula Schermerhorn, active member of the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex MUFON joins as on air reporter

 James Smith - Five year veteran of our UFO program production staff  now executive producer of the sightings show 

International Reports by Farah Yurdozu noted UFO reporter and author known around the world for her excellent reporting 

Previous sightings shows with Jerry Pippin and Larry Dicken

Larry Dicken UFO Executive Producer retired last October. Hundreds of listeners have let us know they miss this sightings show. In Honor of the work that Larry did in pioneering this type of broadcast we present selected programs from our five year history of sightings shows.   Sample mp3 podcast:
06-20-07 mp3

In 2006, the story of an ET transfer surfaced, generally known as the Serpo story - Serpo, a planet far away with a dual sun. In this UFO Files Sightings Show, now-retired producer, Larry Dicken, talks with host Jerry Pippin about the facts and the fiction of Serpo.  CLICK HERE for Part one.

Part 2 -- In this part, Jerry and Larry discuss how could someone keep secret the fact that humans have been living on another planet and the possibility that this is a disinformation war between the Defnese Intellegence Agency and perhaps the CIA or another agency.  CLICK HERE for Part two.
Part 3 - Larry Dicken and  Jerry Pippin  discussing Moon Landings, fact or fiction, underground bases and reports of an ET Landing in 2009 scheduled at Area 51. CLICK HERE for Part three.

Listen to 4/3/07 Report

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Listen to 2/19/07 Report

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Listen to 2/1/07 Report

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