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Interviews with Jerry Pippin

Listen to part one of part one of Jerry's interview with Linda Moulton Howe. Linda visits with Jerry about cattle mutilations during a broadcast originating in Laughlin, Nevada at the Ancient Earth Mysteries Conference, and Larry Dicken tells Jerry about some interesting UFO sightings in England and Mexico.

Listen to part two of the Linda Moulton Howe interview. This broadcast from Harrah's in Laughlin, Nevada features Linda Moulton Howe talking with Jerry about cattle mutilations, crop circles and a possible underwater city located just off the coast of Cuba.

News from Linda

White Sands Navy Radar Operator Saw Discs Circle V-2 Rocket Launches
An important research story from Linda which lends great support to the reality of the US Government interactions with UFOs in New Mexico in the late 1940s and the subsequent cover-up. Personnel involved tell relatives their stories before passing away.

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