Interview with Farah Yurdozu

Farah Yurdozu interviewed Mark Kimmel in New York City, following his lecture at a meeting of the Disclosure Network New York organization (

Since 1987, Mark Kimmel, author of "Trillion, Decimal, and Creating the Cosmic Paradigm," has studied the messages provided by extraterrestrials. Utilizing disciplines learned during his business career, he avoids the sensational and fear riddled perspectives that plague many who get involved with UFO and ET phenomena and the secrecy and disinformation surrounding it. By focusing on the messages from extraterrestrials in both his writing and speaking, Mark gets to the heart of the matter and presents an enlightened vision for the future of our planet.

Unwilling to ignore the reality of our current devolution, Mark examines its causes and implications. For more information about Mark Kimmel, see:

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Updated 2006