Interview with Jerry Pippin

In this interview, Jerry talks to Robert Miles (photo, on the left) about his book, Safespace, and about the Fastwalkers documentary he has now completed filming concerning worldwide intelligence briefings.

They talk about the speakers and researchers at the conference and how he and his film crew are trying to gather as much evidence as possible concerning UFOs. He discusses why he and his Co-Producer Bruce Jessop, and Director Anthony Miles (photo, on the right) took on the documentary project, and how they want this to be a positive, world-wide story with truth, facts and experiences of people of all nationalities.

He also discusses his own personal contact experiences, which have been life changing, and which made him realize that people have to work together to bring peace, harmony and change to our Planet Earth.

Listen to this interview conducted with Robert by Jerry
at the 2005 IUFOC Conference.

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