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In this interview below, Jerry talks with Robert Nichol about his new DVD, “Star Dreams.” This documentary movie about crop circles is the first in a series of five feature-length DVDs he is producing on the subject of crop circles, the Earth, the environment, sacred geometry, and extraterrestrial presences, which he feels is guiding our planet towards a higher state of being, and which is guiding him personally to use his skills as a filmmaker to present their case. Robert has 25 films to his credit and so he is up to the challenge.

“Star Dreams” features crop circles from the year 2005 and presentations by top researchers in the field. Those who have seen the film have been strongly moved by its beauty and its message.  Robert has 25 films to his credit and so he is up to the challenge.

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About the Movie

STAR DREAMS, the movie is a precocious attempt at making definitions in the crop circle debate by illuminating various perspectives and insights gained by the major researchers in the field.

This feature documentary by Genesis Communications on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia seeks to present the latest circles, for all to see, by lifting them off the fields so to speak and putting them into public imagination through the medium of television and video release and public screenings. To date, there have been almost 11,000 recorded crop circles world-wide since 1980. There is a consensus among researchers that a higher intelligence is sending a communiqué to us. How are we to respond to this? By closing up, or opening up to these remarkable phenomena at this point in human history.

Robert Nichol’s take on it: “Crop Circles are the realization of a higher consciousness presented to humanity at this time to aid in a universal awakening to higher dimensions of being.”

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