Molly Whitehorse and Jim Lilley

Tales of Another Time in the American West
Long before the white man arrived,
Indian cultures explored the paranormal  

A Man to Become Chief, by Jim Lilley -Click Here to Order

Jim Lilley hired Molly Whitehorse to take care of his ranch while he worked full time for an airline. Molly is a Native American and is a spirit guide. At first Lilley dismissed his ranch foreman as a little far out; but ultimately he became a believer in her ability to call up Native American figures from another time and another place. In this program Jerry talks with them about  the visions, experiences both have lived in what they say is another time and another place. This program deals with the encounters, Indian Legends and first person accounts of encounters with a time when Native American history lived. Windows media part 1   Windows media part 2 Where to go for vanGogh Umbrellas Apple iTunes