9/11 - INSIDE JOB?

Featured 9-11 Video  (first available on August 3, 2010)

Richard D. Hall is well known in the United Kingdom for his daily TV show, his popular web site www.richplanet.net and he has just released a highly technical but well-researched effort that reveals the presence of something on the TV videos of the 9-11 Twin Tower incident that is astounding. Some sort of device covered up by editing that shows the Twin Towers were attacked using some sort of new technology. Take 20 minutes and watch this video. Your comments are welcome at jerry@jerrypippin.com


Coming in October we will be offering our own OCTOBER SURPRISE- We will be doing a six-episode series on the real story behind 9-11. Shocking information will reveal who was behind it really. The program is in production now and we are still looking for more first-hand witnesses- they are out there? Will they talk? Contact us at jerry@jerrypippin.com