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Roots Of Elvis looks at the origins of Elvis's music, rather than his life. David Neale spent ten years searching for the original versions of numbers that Elvis later recorded himself. The search has uncovered more than 450 titles. All these titles are listed in Roots Of Elvis.

Here's an example of an entry:
Can't Help Falling In Love (Peretti/Creatore/Weiss)
Recorded by Elvis on Thursday, 23 March, 1961
Original: A. Delcroix, 1903
Based on Plaisir d'Amour (Pleasure of Love), a song dating from 1785, with original words by Jean-Pierre Claris de Florian and music by Johann Paul Aegidius Martini (Schwarzendorf). The words first appeared in de Florian's novel CÈlestine and, because of its context there, the song was also known as Romance du Chevrier (Romance of the goatherd). It was later adapted in English as The Joy of Love. The very earliest recording seems to have been made by A. Delcroix on Odeon 33089 in 1903.

Can't Help Falling In Love is an adaptation of the original tune with new words, written for the film Blue Hawaii, by George Weiss.

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