Retro UFO Space Convention

APRIL 21-22, 2007
The Integratron
Landers, California

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Listen, as Barbara Harris (right), producer of the Retro UFO Spacecraft Convention to be held on the site of the Integratron, near the Giant Rock (pictured below) in the high desert of Southern California, tells Jerry about the convention, prices, who is going to be there, and the variety of events held during the two day celebration on April 21-22, 2007. This program was recorded in March 2006, but it will tune you into this event, which promises to be even better this year.

Then, listen as Jerry talks with Barbara, about the history of the Integratron, the Giant Rock, and the visits of the space people in the 1950's and 60's to the Southern California high desert.

2006 Retro UFO Convention

to read the Los Angeles Times article covering the events and the people who attended.
Photos above and below by Bettie Rinehart, Michelle Maltais, and Irfan Khan, Los Angeles Times Staff Members, copyright LA Times.

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UFO speaker programs ran simultaneously in two tents,
located outside the world famous Interatron,
hosted by Jerry Pippin.

Jerry will be the MC at the Retro event on April 29th. In this program, Jerry talks with Colin Bennett, well known English author and expert on UFO contacts in the 1950s in Southern California. Colin discusses, in detail, the life and times of George Adamski, who first brought UFOs to the attention of the nation in his 1953 book, "Flying Sauces Have Landed." Colin's current book, "American Demonology" also deals with this period in American history, and explores the reasons for the events and the cover-up by the US Government. There was a link with the events at the Integratron, the Giant Rock and the work of George Van Tassle to Project Blue Book, and this is discussed in this interview.

Listen to Interview with Colin.

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Convention Speakers: William Hamilton, Rev. Robert Short, Adam Gorightly,
Greg Bishop, Dr. Hans Petermann,
Dr. Louis Turi

Special Note: This will be Bill Hamilton's last public appearance as a speaker. Here are his comments that he has permitted us to pass along to you:

I will give my final presentation at the Integratron.  Since that is where I started in the UFO business, that will be a good place to end it. UFOlogy is being made into UFOOLogy by many debunkers, agent provacateurs, and counter-intel types, and only our visitors can straighten it out in the end by making themselves known.

Here is a relevant excerpt from Chapter 1 of my book ALIEN MAGIC:

Some say it is the California sun or the Santa Ana winds that created the weird culture of the west coast. The inhabitants think differently. Westerners are open to new ideas. Visitors from another planet are welcome in California.

I was enthralled as a teenager to read the story of George Adamski who rode out to Desert Center, California on November 20, 1952 to meet a visitor from the planet Venus, an event attested to by six witnesses who signed a notarized statement.

In 1956, I met Daniel W. Fry who had started an organization called UNDERSTANDING. I was elected vice-president of unit 1 in El Monte. Dan Fry claimed he was taken for a ride in a flying disc at White Sands Proving Grounds in New Mexico on July 4, 1950. He documented his story in a book called, THE WHITE SANDS INCIDENT. Dan was a brilliant man. He sounded truthful. He was fond of telling how aliens broke dozens of laws just entering our atmosphere and landing their craft on earth.

Dan claimed he had taken a ride in a most unusual vehicle that he was invited to board at White Sands Proving Grounds in New Mexico on July 4, 1950. He was waiting in a small depot for a bus to town in unbearable summer heat when he decided to take a walk in the desert. During his walk he noticed that three or four stars blinked out. He quickly surmised that something dark obscured the stars and was growing in size implying an object headed on a straight-on trajectory. The object came in for a soundless soft landing on the sand. Dan noticed that it had the shape of an oblate spheroid. He had not seen any evidence of external propulsion. He thought it the strangest aircraft he had ever seen. He went close to touch the hull of the grounded craft when he was surprised by a voice thundering out in plain English idiom, "Don't touch the hull, pal, its hot!" The voice identified itself as A-Lan communicating to him from a mother ship in orbit through a speaker housed in the remotely piloted vehicle before him. On a later meeting with A-Lan, Dan describes him as human, as a being born in space aboard an artificial planet that roamed the galaxy. A-Lan revealed that his ancestors once lived on Earth and had traveled to Mars. A-Lan informed Dan that they had been observing our society and that our lives were out-of-balance. Our material development had far outstripped our social and spiritual development, and that if we were to continue on such a course, it would lead to disaster. A-Lan emphasized that to achieve peace on Earth, we would have to promote Understanding among all the peoples of Earth.

Biologists believe that human life is a product of the long evolutionary processes that are unique to Earth. They consider it extremely unlikely that we would someday encounter human forms from another planet. This popular view has prevailed to the degree that most scientists reject the stories of the contactees. They also point out that other planets in our own solar system do not have atmospheres conducive to human life as we know it. Venus has a hothouse atmosphere and it bears down on the Venusian surface at a pressure 90 times greater than earth's atmosphere at sea level.

As a teenager I was excited by the prospect of making contact with the visitors or, at the very least, catching a glimpse of their ships over these remote desert regions. This was not a formal investigation of contactees. I had very few doubts then. I felt that the contactees were not concocting stories. Little did I know that an era was passing, that a future day would come when UFO researchers and investigators would dismiss and debunk contactees as frauds who possessed motives of greed and a need for attention and adulation. Little did I know that the contactee of the future would report a different kind of experience, that of menacing abductions and examinations conducted by humanoid, but non-human entities. Little did I know that the future would bring greater mystification rather than enlightenment.

Giant Rock - Scene of the original 1950's George Van Tassel Spacecraft Conventions.
At the rock George channeled an ET friend who stated: "I AM KNUT. I BRING YOU LOVE."
There are many legends about the "worlds largest boulder." One is that a new age would begin when the rock split.
On the morning of 2/21/2000, it broke apart, as shown. Here is the story. 

Also featuring:
1950's and '60s music performed by UFOetry, a live performance band.
to Jerry interview the band and listen to their music.

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