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Interviews with Jerry Pippin and Kerry Lynn Cassidy


The following interview was conducted in March 2006 by Kerry Lynn Cassidy, Special Correspondent for the Jerry Pippin Show.  Here are Kerry's thoughts about this video interview in her own words:

"Bill Hamilton is a fascinating personality. I have seen him around the UFO/Exopolitics arena, at conferences and online, for the past two years that I've been actively involved in the field. I was curious about his past and as it turns out, his past is something of a chronicle of the UFO field coming of age.

"When I ran into him at the Laughlin conference this year, I got a chance to talk with him at length. This interview is the result. In it, he reveals his own encounters with alien beings who walk among us, a phenomenal ability to "call down their craft" and the meandering pathways of his own investigations into the unknown and the personalities of this intangible field we now call Exopolitics."

Calling Down the Craft: Adventures with the Mind,
an interview with Bill Hamilton, Laughlin, NV 2006

Shot, edited and directed by Kerry Lynn Cassidy
Kerry Lynn Cassidy



Bill Hamilton speaks with Jerry in this most interesting interview. Bill was a speaking at the 2005 Crash Retrieval Conference in Las Vegas and covered The Case for Reverse Engineering and Alien Astronautics. As you will see, the presentation he gave at the conference covers only a single area of a subject, covered below, that encompasses a broader story about UFOs, ETs and their agenda and interaction with mankind, which is covered in this interview with Bill.

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Listen to the interview with Bill.

CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION"Project Aquarius" is the name of Bill Hamilton's new book, now available after years of research by this world famous UFO researcher. Most people may think of the book as his work on the life of Dr. Dan Burisch and the tales of intrigue surrounding this man of mystery. Did he work with an ET named JROD? Did he develop a technique for the constructing the building blocks of life with the help of ET science. And, most importantly, perhaps, is Dan Burisch who he says he is, a PhD and an expert in microbiological research.

However, after this interview and working closely with Bill on trying to put the story together, Jerry has come to the conclusion that Bill sees "Project Aquarius" as much more than just a single book. Jerry and his I-Team staff agreed, as we started looking into the idea of a briefing book, then started tracing the roots and following the tangled webs of intrigue around this strange apocalyptic story. We now understand that 2006 will be a year of disclosure alright, at least from our perspective.

This interview is also the beginning of a series of shows that will be packaged and presented over the next year on this web site on its own special page, THE B-FILES. We will examine the information and accounts available to us, and try our best to present an unbiased report that is based on firm, verifiable evidence that offers proof beyond a reasonable doubt, of how and why Dan Burisch, Area 51 and other secret bases, MJ12 and other similar organizations, microbiological research, JRod and other beings from other worlds, are all interacting in playing out some end of the world survival drama. Some of you may be aware that "Project Aquarius" has been controversial from a religious and spiritual angle as well, even containing references, alleged by some who should know, that Jesus Christ is part of the story of Alien Intervention.

All of these forbidden subjects will be covered in our up coming series. So, I urge you to get a good overview from the man who has been a "believer" while others have questioned. Please listen, on the player above, to this interview we did with Bill Hamilton on November 6, 2005 at the Crash Retrieval Conference in Las Vegas.



In this exclusive interview, recorded during the 2005 International UFO Conference in Laughlin, Nevada, Jerry talks with Bill Hamilton about the history of the Phoenix Lights and the events of 1997 that attracted worldwide attention. Bill wrote the definitive book on the 1997 events, The Phoenix Lights Mystery. Jerry highly recommends it.



Bill Hamilton stopped by our broadcast booth at Sunset Station Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas during the second annual Crash Retrieval Conference on 11/12/04. Bill has great stories to tell and this time he tells Jerry about his encounters at Area 51 while researching his first book. Jerry and Bill discuss his return to UFO investigations after a brief retirement period and time travel as a solution to the UFO phenomenon. We can expect a new announcement from Bill regarding his UFO Research in the near future. What this will be, we do not know, but it could potentially cause waves of controversy throughout the UFO community, just as last years announcements about Dr. David Burisch did (see interview below).



This exclusive interview with Bill was recorded on May 1, 2004. It may be Bill's last interview before he retires from the field of UFO research. Jerry and Bill discuss the results of the X-Conference, the Dr. Dan Burisch (photo, left) controversy and why Bill is retiring. As always, the conversation with Bill holds many surprises. Don't miss this show. CLICK HERE to see a web site that purports to be Dr. Burisch's. Bill tells Jerry that he is in contact with Dan and he says it is a fake.


This interview with Bill Hamilton was recorded in 2002. Jerry and Bill discuss the Phoenix Lights Events of 1997 and delve into the deep dark secrets of Area 51. What's going on around, inside and underneath this super secret government facility? And, what's happened to J-ROD?

News from Bill

Bill at the Area 51 black mailbox on the ET Highway outside of Rachael, NV.

bulletBill Hamilton can be reached at
CLICK HERE to go to Bill's web site. The only word to describe this site is "fascinating" - a must see.
Below: a photo from the site. Beam of light hits the ground from saucer shaped UFO hovering above.



Click on the book cover for information on ordering Bill's book that fully documents the 1997 Phoenix Lights Mystery. Scan down the page. Also see information on ordering Bill's other book, Cosmic Top Secret.

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