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 Jerry Pippin and Rob Simone

Jerry Pippin and Paola Harris

Jerry Pippin and Maurice Osborn

Jerry Pippin and Jim Marrs


Hour # 4 - During the first half-hour, Jerry talks with renowned UFO journalist, Paola Harris about Exopolitics and about her new book on the subject entitled, How Do You Speak to a Ball of Light?, which concerns itself with her common-sense approach to approaching extraterrestrials. Paola talks about the current phenomena common now in her native Italy: balls of light emerging from the ocean, hence the title of her book.
Paola is one of the featured speakers at this year’s UFO Congress, and she discusses some of the content of her formal presentation, which involves showing some work of a contactee from Italy who has given her photographs of extraterrestrials. MP3 Running time: 1 hour, 05 minutes, 30 seconds.
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During the second half-hour, Jerry talks with Rob Simone, UFO researcher, broadcaster, and writer. He has a new book out entitled, UFOs Crop Circles, The Mayan Calendar, and Sacred Places - a Collection of Articles, a compendium of articles about his observations from traveling over the world, specifically to places held sacred for millennia. Rob has made an extensive study of the Mayan culture, their astronomy and calendar and has some remarkable conclusions for all of us as the 2012 date approaches.
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UFOs Crop Circles and the Mayan Calendar... Rob Simone

Hour #5 - In this interview, Jerry talks with Maurice Osborn - UFO researcher and contactee. Maurice has been contacted twice by extraterrestrials, both times while attending the Laughlin UFO Congress. In 2006, a Plearian woman contacted him during daylight hours, giving him needed encouragement before he made a presentation to the group. In 2003, a large Grey awakened him in his sleep, while in the process of implanting a device through his nose to his optic nerves, which he believes serves the dual purpose of monitoring him and of allowing them to see through his eyes at all times.  (View Maurice’s Alien Messages video for Free)

Maurice writes and distributes books and pamphlets about the extraterrestrial presence and the agendas of the ETs, one such pamphlet of particular interest probably to most people, Alien Abduction Resistance, which tells how to prevent being abducted. These pamphlets are available through his website free of charge. MP3 Running time: 56 minutes, 31 seconds
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Hour #6 - Jim Marrs has written an in-depth book on the conspiracy behind 9/11. Marrs loves to visit the UFO Congress and this gave Jerry an opportunity to sit down with him on-mike and discuss the 9/11 events and the plans that this show has to expose many of the major players in the largest insurance fraud in the history of mankind. Marrs and Pippin go in detail about their plans to work together on the upcoming series.
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