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Jerry's UFO show (March 17, 2014) on Inception Radio featured Jim Marrs and his latest book, "Our Occulted History: Do the Global Elite Conceal Ancient Aliens?" with discussion of other topics as well, including what might have happened to Flight 370. Then Jerry gives tribute to Dr. Roger Leir who passed away March 14, followed by an archived interview Jerry did with Roger in 2008 which includes an airplane crash he was involved in, in 1973 which resulted in one of his two near-death experiences. MP3 Running time: 2 hours, 01 minutes,32 secondsWindows Media Version, Part 1
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WATCH OUT FOR THE BOGYMAN - by Jim Marrs: (excerpt) "...Why did it take 10 years to find the man when an errant taxpayer can be found by computer within minutes? Why did government sources claim Osama hid behind his wife, who was then killed only to retract those statements later? Why were the American people told his body was buried at sea as a Muslim custom when there is no such custom in Muslim countries, most of which are desert nations? Why did a photograph purporting to be the body of Osama prove to be a composite forgery? Why did “official sources” claim Osama died at least nine times during the past 10 years? Why did several sources, including former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, say Osama died years ago but would be preserved until he could be brought public at the proper time?  Has anyone in authority discussed rescinding the PATRIOT Act, the Military Commissions Act, the Real ID Act or any of the other Constitution-shredding legislation passed by a panicked and cowardly Congress who by several accounts never even read these laws before passing them?

 This whole issue smells like a barrel of dead fish yet do not expect to hear any truth concerning this on our corporate-controlled mass media. This scam, along with the growing defense and TSA budgets, must be continued."

to read article in its entirety: "Watch Out for the Bogyman" by Jim Marrs     http://www.jimmarrs.com/


Jerry hosts the show with guest Jim Marrs and the regular host, Paul Richard Price, out of the hospital also takes part in a program dealing with Apollo 18, the movie ..fiction or based on fact? Discussion about whether or not there is a secret space navy as Gary McKinnon says he found evidence of while hacking the Pentagon computers. The discussion also covers other events surrounding the development of space travel with its roots back to the 1930s and Nazi Germany.  In addition to discussing this topic, Jerry and Jim talk about the criminal enterprises sponsored by the US Government under the cover of banking reform, aid to corporations, terrorist defense adding even another trillion dollar element to the huge amount of money spent on these items by Uncle Sam.  Show originally broadcast on Wednesday, April 6, 2011 on the PararockTV network.


Jerry Interviews Jim Marrs about The Evils of Corporate Media: Intended and Unintended Consequences. Jerry and Jim hold a frank discussion on the media situation in the US today.  They discuss the whys of how news is reported in today's multimedia world, which is controlled by a few huge media corporations.
In this discussion, Marrs touches on the reasons 9/11, the Kennedy Assassination and other conspiracies were never investigated and reported by the main stream media
.  05-24-07
MP3 Running time:  31 minutes, 47 seconds     
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Candid Phone Calls - off the record recordings of phone conversations with Jim Marrs by Jerry -
Clip #2 -
Jim Marrs talking with Jerry on the phone in a personal conversation about how the media has changed the way we cover events- Listen carefully to his point about the unintended consequences of the proliferation of the media.
MP3 Running time: 2 min, 45 sec, Windows Media Version

- Clip #1 - Jim Marrs explains how the media is controlled by Corporate America and the CIA- Click here to listen to his personal experience in the newspaper business working for a huge metropolitan Daily that has gone transformation from family owned business to corporate conglomerate.
MP3 Running time: 3 min, 6 sec,
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In this program recorded after the two political conventions, Jerry talks with investigative reporter and author, Jim Marrs about his new book "The Rise of the Fourth Reich." Marrs explains why he wrote the book and discusses the influence of national socialism developed in Europe and mainly Germany in the early 20th Century. This program names names and lays out the charges that the US government is now under the influence of the same forces that controlled Germany up and thru World War ll.
MP3 - Running time:  1 hour, 55 seconds. 
Windows media version Part 1 - Windows media versionPart 2

You Tube video clip from Fastwalkers Open Files- Jim Marrs investigative journalist discusses his work and the world of secrecy and what he has found over the years in his quest for truth. 
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Marrs loves to visit the UFO Congress and this gave Jerry an opportunity to sit down with him on-mike and discuss the 9/11 events and the plans that this show has to expose many of the major players in the largest insurance fraud in the history of mankind. Marrs and Pippin go in detail about their plans to work together on the upcoming series. (Recorded at the 2007 International UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada)
 MP3 Running time: 55 minutes, 24 seconds.
Windows Media Version Part 1 - Windows Media Version Part 2

Jim discusses with Jerry much of the 9/11 story, and why he doubts the official version. In addition, he talks about conspiracies throughout the history of the United States, including his research on the Kennedy Assassination and his books on the New World Order. (May 22, 2007)
MP3 Running time: 51 minutes, 24 seconds
Windows Media Version Part 1   -   Windows Media Version Part 2


 Investigative reporter and best selling author, Jim Marrs, talks about his book on 9/11. A major book publisher paid Jim his full fee and then declined to publish, THE WAR ON FREEDOM: The 9/11 Conspiracies. Jim self-published the book, because he felt the story needs to be told about the Bush Administration and the 9/11 incident. During the interview, Jim talks about the war in IRAQ and the many strange incidents leading up to the war as well as explores a possible theory concerning an ancient civilization's secrets hidden away in that country, including a the UFO connection to the Iraq war. You didn't know there was one?  (Interview recorded 092803 at Harrah's Del Rio Resort in Laughlin, Nevada)
MP3 Running time: 20 minutes, 0 seconds
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"The War on Freedom"


On 2/5/03, Jerry interviewed Jim Marrs, independent journalist and best-selling author at the International UFO Congress Convention in Laughlin, NV. Jim's presentation at Laughlin centered primarily on the role of secrecy in our society, not only with regards to UFOs, but with regards to the general political scene and the state of society in our country and the world. His last book, Rule by Secrecy and his upcoming book on the events surrounding 9/11 and the War on Terrorism that has followed, The War on Freedom were the basis of his presentation to an audience that daily faces cover-ups, conspiracies and denials by our government that relate to UFOs. Perhaps its all about the same thing. Although Jim mentions and interesting UFO incident that occurred in northern Texas in 1897 as smoking gun proof of the existence of UFOs before the age of powered flight began in 1903 at the end of the interview, this is an interview that rightfully belongs here on our political and public issues page. If you are interested in reading Jim's commentaries or ordering any of his books or documentaries, go to www.jimmarrs.com.
Listen Here: MP3 Running time: 33 minutes, 02 seconds   -   Windows Media Version


In October 2001, only about a month after 9/11, Jerry talked with Jim Marrs on his KBIX radio program. The discussion is as relevant today as it was then. In a wide ranging interview they discuss terrorist actions, the Bush Administration, the Alien Agenda and some things about the JFK assassination that Jim has learned since his book on the subject which was the basis for the movie directed by Oliver Stone. (If you are interested in reading Jim's commentaries or ordering any of his books or documentaries, go to www.jimmarrs.com.)

MP3 Running time: 38 minutes, 58 seconds
Windows Media Version Part 1   -   Windows Media Version Part 2