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14th Annual Aztec UFO Symposium Huge Success
by Janet Sailor, Special Correspondent 
(midnight - March 26, 2011)

The food on Friday night was the best ever. Katee McClure and everyone connected with the Friends of Library that present this annual fund raiser have refined the presentations and format to a successful mixture of historical reviews of the Crash itself to all of the new ideas and thoughts that are now percolating throughout the UFO community. 150 paying people were on the edge of their chairs as they heard remote viewer Lyn Buchanan flesh out the details of his remote viewers, this year there were 7 instead of 11, as last years group could not resist and tuned into the Jerry Pippin Show to hear the reports and Buchanan is a tough task master, he wants his remote viewers to not be contaminated at all with extraneous information that might tend to influence their remote viewing impressions. 

We will have much more on the impressions and final report from Jerry as I join him in a discussion about the symposium itself. In addition Jerry has some other items to present in connection with this years event, so check back for the Aztec Wrap Up program coming later this week.   

Here are some photos of Chuck Wade and Lyn Buchanan who did some very interesting presentations that have climaxed with his here in Aztec about his retrieval of a piece of a UFO from the Plains of St. Augustin crash.
As you can see by the photos of the exhibitors and crowds, it was a fun weekend in the Four Corners area as Aztec has quickly become a major stop on the UFO conference trail.

14th Annual Aztec UFO Symposium, March 25-26, 2011 -  Aztec in Northern New Mexico was the scene of a UFO crash in March of 1948. According to most reports, it was a larger craft and had more occupants than the craft that crashed in Roswell. In this program Jerry talks with Katee McClure, coordinator for the 14th annual Aztec UFO Symposium about the event, how it came about as well as run down and history of the speakers appearing there this year.
In addition to important information on where the event will be held and when, Katee gives a hint as to what will be a follow up from last years attempt to get 11 remote viewers to focus on the crash and what they have reported. 

MP3 Running time: 33 minutes, 54 seconds
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Some say there were four UFO Crashes in New Mexico within a year's time between 1947 and '48 and one of those crashes occurred in the Four Corners area of the state not far from Los Alamos, at a place called Aztec. The crash was supposed to be of a larger craft than Roswell's and more ETs were involved. Lyn Buchanan, a well known remote viewer tasked 11 remote viewers to see if they could validate the crash. Surprisingly results were released this month at the 13th annual Aztec Symposium. Jerry first talks to Special Correspondent Janet Sailor who reports on the presentation as given by Buchanan and then Jerry talks with him about remote viewing in general and specifically how he got involved and how it impacted his life. Oh, the consensus is that it did happen and the USG shot at least one ET on the spot and it is believed  there were survivors.
MP3 Running time: 50 min, 15 sec
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Jerry Pippin talks with Scott and Suzanne Ramsey about the Aztec Crash in New Mexico in 1948.  The Ramseys are the premiere researchers on Aztec: An incredible story of ETs dying in the high desert in a UFO crash.

 MP3 Running time: 30 minutes, 38 seconds
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This event is sponsored by the Friends of the Aztec Public Library

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