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Farah Yurdozu, Jerry Pippin Productions Program Producer attended the Aztec UFO 2007 Conference in Aztec, New Mexico on March 23rd through 25th. At the conference she gave a presentation, and she conducted three interviews. MP3 Running time: 58 minutes, 13 seconds
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In the first interview, Farah Yurdozu talks with Roy Forbes, producer of the DVD, Fallen Angels, a documentary about UFO crash retrievals in the American southwest. Forbes was inspired to develop and produce his movie after attending the Aztec UFO Symposium in 2003, and from that time forward he has done extensive research into the crashes near Aztec and Roswell, New Mexico and Kingman, Arizona.

In the second interview, Farah talks with Tammy and Pam, two Navaho women, who attended this yearís Aztec Symposium. They not only had personal and anecdotal stories to tell about skinwalkers (shape-shifters), but in listening to Farahís formal presentation, they were amazed by the similarity between the ancient Turkish traditions that she spoke of and their own Navaho traditions concerning shape shifters and our possible ET ancestry.

In the third interview, Farah and Dennis Balthaser discuss the current state of UFOlogy and the need for recruiting young people into the field of serious research. They also talk about this summerís 60th Anniversary celebration in Roswell, during which both of them will be featured speakers.

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Conference Photos courtesy of Farah Yurdozu:


Street Scenes, Aztec, NM

Dennis Balthaser delivers presentation

Wendelle Stevens and Roy Forbes






Farah and  Friend