Roswell 2007 Program Four

Jerry and Cover-Up Cafe Owner, Gene Frasier

Dr. Rita Louise and Festival events organizer, Guy Malone

Photographs by Roberta Scott

Interviews with Jerry Pippin

Tsianina Johnson meditating with the ETs

Program Information

In this fourth program of our series of programs from the 2007 Roswell 60th Anniversary Festival and the Roswell Civic Center, Jerry covers a gamut of guests.

Phyllis Galde, Fate Magazine Publisher, and Jerry

First, he visits with Phyllis Galde, Publisher of Fate Magazine, who tells him a story of staying in a small hotel in Northern Nevada that was haunted. She awoke in the middle of the night with a man hugging her in her bed in the old motel room. She was panic stricken but soon he faded away into the night and was gone.

In another Roswell Crash witness story, Paul Price tells about his father, who as an eight year old boy was a witness to the discovery of the crashed UFO or at least a small craft with some dead ETs.

Then, Bryan Temmer talks about his Roswell ET Theme Park dream and how it is about to become a reality thanks to a sizeable grant of seed money from the New Mexico State Legislature.




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The program ends with another visit from Don Ray Walton, who had just demonstrated to TV news cameras his ability to plug himself into a wall socket and survive. Walton did this for Jerry on the air in his previous visit at Eureka Springs. In this interview, Walton insists he is not a human, but rather a half alien due to the abduction of his mother.


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