Roswell Validated:
Jerry talks with James E. Clarkson who explains how he met and cultivated a first hand witness who verified that indeed there was a crashed flying saucer taken to Wright Patterson Air Force Base and there were dead bodies of ETs also shipped to this famous base shortly after the UFO Crash in Roswell in 1947. June Crain was a secretary working in a top secret area and was privy to notes, reports and first hand witnesses.
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Lots of events are happening for the 65th anniversary of the Roswell UFO Crash- Noe Torres and John LeMay talk to Jerry about guided tours in a van with a multi-media presentation, a free to the public presentation by a number of well known UFO researchers, a film festival and comic book expo and then Noe and John tell about their research showing that there have been stories of real cowboys coming face to face with real aliens as far as as the 19th Century when the west was young. The two men have a second edition of a book about the subject called, "The Real Cowboys and Aliens."
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Yvonne Smith is a well known abduction researcher who has appeared every summer for the past decade or so at the International UFO Museum in Roswell during the anniversary of the 1947 Crash. She talks to Jerry about her appearances in Roswell as well as giving some insight to what she has discovered about ET abductions in the course of her 20 years of being active in the field of abduction investigations.
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Yvonne is the author of the book, "Chosen: Recollections Of UFO Abductions Through Hypnotherapy"

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The Roswell Series 2010:

Art McQuiddy was the editor of the Roswell morning newspaper in July of 1947. He is now 91 years old but he remembers the events around the UFO Crash like it was yesterday. Art tells Jerry the details surrounding the event itself, his first hand experience with the people involved including the military base, the Sheriff's department and what makes this interview so riveting is the fact that McQuiddy would become friends with the commanding officer of the base, William Blanchard, Glenn Dennis, and he saw Walter Haut and Jesse Marcel on a regular basis due to news stories coming from the military base. McQuiddy tells about the slip made by Blanchard after an evening of drinking together.
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Now Available, the complete performance of "Top Secret Majic," the radio drama about the 1947 Roswell UFO Crash written by Broadway Playwright Marty Martin. Click Here to listen.

7/9/47 ABC News Broadcast 
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On the 50 the anniversary of the Roswell Incident, Dateline NBC did a show on the Roswell Crash which featured among others US Army Colonel Phillip Corso who makes the case that he over saw Back Engineering efforts by major US Corporations on the recovered Space Craft.
Peter Robbins explains why Roswell's UFO Festival works for tourism all year long.


Janus, 10 years after his Roswell CD has Created "Return to Roswell"


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Roswell, as the UFO Crash ET's would have seen it in 1947.

Photos furnished by Gene Frazier of "Roswell Landing" souvenir store, downtown Roswell


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