Roswell 2007 Program Three

Jerry Pippin Remote Productions Crew.
(L to R) Tsianina Johnson, Roberta Scott,
Jerry Pippin, Jane Swartley, and Dr. Rita Louise.

Producers Jane Swartley and Roberta Scott
with Jerry at the Jerry Pippin Productions
Civic Center booth.

Photographs by Roberta Scott

Interviews with Jerry Pippin

Civic Center Vendors Area.
Is that Dr. Rita Louise in a tin hat?

Program Information

In this third program of our series of programs from the 2007 Roswell 60th Anniversary Festival and the Roswell Civic Center, Jerry discovers new information and new witnesses to strange events.

Richard Vaughan and Jerry

The program begins with Jerry talking with Richard Vaughn, who says that his automobile's GPS system went haywire when he drove near Area 51, and as he continued to drive it happened again near Albuquerque, possibly close to Sandia Labs.

Carol Syska and Jerry

Then, Jerry talks with Carol Syska, who had a top secret clearance and worked at Los Alamos National Labs before her retirement. She knew Walter Haut for years and heard him say one day that he had seen dead ET bodies near Roswell.

Elaine Mayfield and Jerry

During a surprise visit to the Civic Center Exhibit Hall, a resident of the Roswell Zoo and 95% purebred wolf named Spot dropped by for an aura reading. Jerry talks with Elaine Mayfield, Director of the zoo about the incident.

Steven Bassett and Jerry

At the conclusion of this program, Steven Bassett tells Jerry about his decade long pursuit of disclosure. During this interview, Bassett tells us how he has dealt with the political establishment. In a impassioned plea, Bassett appeals for public support to demonstrate to the media, military, and government officials that the public desires full disclosure.

Bassett points out the elements in Roswell and in the UFO field in general, which cling to the status quo and states that they should rethink their position. He asks the question, "Wouldn't a revelation about about Roswell being true create a Mecca that would draw tens of millions to find their way to this small, southwestern city?"



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