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Images from NASA's SOHO satellite, corroborated by simultaneous images from another NASA satellite were revealed at a conference held on January 24-27, 2003 at the National Space Centre in Leicester, England. CLICK HERE for more information and a video interview Mike Murray, one of the founders of INTERSETI, who obtained the images by monitoring, recording, selecting and analyzing the NASA satellite images. A CD of the SOHO images is now available for purchase on Mike's web site, www.interseti.com.

And, now how quickly SOHO scientists are denying this claim of UFO evidence and offering lame rationales and a poor representation of how to create such images from original SOHO images on your own PC. This is the elitist scientist calling the you the dummy, who will believe what anyone with a cheap PC image editing program can do with countless astronomical photos. Do you believe the photo above and the NASA supplied fabrication below are equivalently derived? We don't. Because we are not the dummies they think we are. CLICK HERE to read the NASA released story.

Bottom line, if they are so bothered by this photo that they must respond in the international media to a story that was never carried by most of the international media in the first place, then the first photo must be a credible UFO photo that must be publicly suppressed by the standard cover-up tactics of lies, derision and fabrication. 




Strange things are happening to deer throughout North America. First, there was a deer in upstate New York left hanging in the upper branches of a tree in the woods. And now, near Winnipeg, Canada a deer was found draped over the top of a power line pole. What's going on? CLICK HERE for the story from Canadian UFO Investigator, Grant Cameron. Thanks to Grant for passing this story along to UFO-Files. CLICK HERE for a follow-up on the original story. Seems like the evidence has now been destroyed. So we may never have an answer to this mystery. Notice the lower parts of the hind legs are missing from the deer. What else was missing? No word on that from the disposal crew. Is this a bizarre twist in the ongoing animal mutilation story?






Includes on-demand videos.

Is there real science, being presented by academics and theoreticians, that appears to support observed UFO technology and EBE encounter experiences, and supports investigating the connections? CLICK HERE, and check out this presentation paper and the references sited within. Maybe their is something to "Make it so," with warp-drive/stargate technology, and to Spielberg's vision of reality expressed by the series Taken.

The UFO Abduction Phenomenon: A Symposium
The archived audio on-demand file for the symposium is available for listening now at: www.scifi.com/ufo.

SCI FI Channel brings together the world's most highly regarded abduction investigators/authors for the first time to explore facts and theories of this controversial phenomenon. This is prelude to the December airing of "Steven Spielberg Presents Taken," a ten-part miniseries. Morton Dean moderates the panel composed of Dr. John Mack, Budd Hopkins and Dr. David Jacobs.

FRIDAY, 11/22/02, THE SCI FI CHANNEL PRESENTED, “The Roswell Crash: Startling New Evidence,” followed by "Abduction Diaries."

In an effort to verify once and for all whether an alien spacecraft crash-landed in New Mexico more than 50 years ago, the Sci-Fi Channel sent a team of archaeologists to conduct an in-depth study of the legendary crash site. And just like the alleged government conspiracy by those who say aliens landed near Roswell, N.M., the results of the scientific study are top secret. That is, until Friday, 11/22/02, when Sci-Fi aired “The Roswell Crash: Startling New Evidence,” which included what network representatives are calling a ”smoking gun.” CLICK HERE for the full story.

Above is a photo of the Investigative team at the Roswell Crash site and an enlargement of an anomalous object in the distance. Although this is not related to "the smoking gun" that is revealed in the show. It is certainly an interesting event on its own.

The smoking gun presented during the program was the results of an extensive photo-analysis project carried out by an independent researcher. An analysis of the famous photograph of General Ramey holding a communiqué, as he posed in front of the supposed Roswell crash wreckage. The communiqué contained text, according to the analyst, that indicated that a "disk" had been recovered along with three crash "victims." This information has been publicly available for over a year. So, is it really a startling new evidence or a smoking gun, any more than the MJ-12 documents that the program discounted as a hoax?

Or is the document presented on the SCI FI Channel program any more of a smoking gun than this FOIA document (left) posted on the FBI site, which can be classed as an opinion or as hearsay comments rather than "hard evidence," but is still indicative of some knowledge within the US Government of prior events in New Mexico involving UFOs and recovered bodies.

CLICK HERE for the latest news on the various, ongoing Disclosure Projects



The Story of the Albany, NY Object
Get the latest information here

© 2002 FOX 23 TV

Analysis of Photo and Video by Larry Dicken

The still photo enlargement of the Albany object and the video indicate the following to me:

1. The object does not have a configuration of any SAM (surface to air missile) that I am aware of. If someone can produce a pictorial match, I challenge them to send it to us. Also the object is leaving no smoke trail in its wake, which a SAM typically does, as they use a solid fuel propellant.

2. The object appears to be at least the height of the cumulus cloud (3 to 5000 feet) that it passed through as seen at the end of the video, although it is also possible that it was much higher than that cloud as, to me it appears to pass behind the cloud a disappear. As it does not pass directly in front of or behind the plane, the distance can not be pinned down.

3. One thing is clear. The object is flying at many times the speed of the jet (175 to 250 mph on approach?). If it is at the altitude of the referenced cloud, this might indicate a missile, but I doubt it - still travels too fast relative to motion of plane as seen in the video. As it appears to pass close to or behind the cloud and disappear, this would indicate that the object is not a nearby object (like an insect or other life form) flying in front of the camera lens. If the altitude is much higher than the cloud and the plane, then it is both massive in size and traveling extremely fast (my guess based on the visual evidence I see).

See video here

See National UFO Reporting Center Analysis here. 
Notice conclusion drawn by photo analyst at the end of report.
  I read and posted this after writing up my own conclusions (above) - Larry Dicken

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Clinton aide slams Pentagon's UFO secrecy.
John Podesta and the Coalition for Freedom of Information (CFI) pressing the Federal Government to release UFO information.
CLICK HERE for the story. And, CLICK HERE for follow-up MSNBC story.


Historic 1952 UFO Photo published in the New York Times

The Times has not mentioned the subject since.

New type of UFO sighted in your local supermarket:
The UFO Peach

a.k.a. the donut peach.

Larry ate this UFO and it was extraordinarily sweet and delicious!

Other Interesting Reports FROM 2002

Alaska's 1986 UFO sighting still rouses curiosity

Washington, D.C., Nov. 8 - Although man has walked on the moon and orbited the earth, there is still no proof that intelligent beings exist on other planets. Yet scientists believe there could be.
There is even one account to suggest aliens have flown over Alaska.

For generations, man has fictionalized what it would be like to meet aliens or unidentified flying objects. But again, that's just fiction. This may be fact.

"Either there's something there or there isn't it," says former FAA division chief John Callahan. "Is it a spaceship or not? Why would they say it's a spaceship if it's not? The radar ain't lying."

Radar reports were part of what Callahan investigated while working for the Federal Aviation Administration in 1986. The investigation stemmed from a report by a Japan Airlines 747, as it flew about 50 miles from Anchorage. An inexplicable image appeared on air traffic control and military computers, and the three pilots flying the plane claimed they saw a UFO.

"The pilot has it on his radar, and then the pilot and the other two guys in the cockpit look out the window, and they see him over here, and they see him over there, and they see him over here, and for 31 minutes," Callahan says.

The FAA said the incident was due to a radar malfunction. The CIA believed the pilots, Callahan says, but it buried the story. "The CIA said it was a UFO. The CIA said we're not going to tell the public, because it would scare the public. They told me that."

Stories like Callahan's were the subject of a symposium Friday in Washington, D.C. Reputable scientists and even a former NASA official concluded such stories may be more than just the visions of those with active imaginations. "Within our own backyard, the Milky Way Galaxy, there could be literally 50 billion planets, of which 10 percent may be earthlike in nature," says Dr. Michio Kaku of City University of New York. "So it's hard to believe that God would create a universe and waste it, making all these barren planets." Scientists say more funding needs to be devoted to determining if there is life on other planets -- and they acknowledge there is also the challenge of getting people to accept the idea of alien life. 

That's an idea Callahan accepted two decades ago. "What I'm hoping is, before I die, to be able to say I told you so," he says. Callahan continued to work for the FAA after the Japan Airlines incident. He is now retired and does some aviation consulting.


Intense electromagnetic field burst over Muskogee, Oklahoma may have interrupted the broadcast of Jerry Pippin's UFO-Files Show

During the UFO-Files broadcast on Friday, 9/20 at about 10:55 PM CT, there was a sudden power surge and subsequent black-out that interrupted the show broadcast for approximately 2 minutes. The program originates on the 9th floor of an office building in downtown Muskogee, Oklahoma. On this night there were no thunderstorms or other reasons for power outages in the Muskogee area. However, as shown by the radar image generated in Tulsa, Oklahoma about on hour prior to this power outage, there was something very strange occurring in eastern Oklahoma and western Arkansas, apparently centered very near downtown Muskogee, Oklahoma. See the yellow X on the radar image above. 

The radar image shows very intense (red and purple areas on the map), almost explosive activity, in a nearly circular pattern, occurring during this time period. Time lapse motion images reveal that this formation was rotating about the center of activity (the yellow X) in a counter clockwise motion. The radar scan is done from Tulsa International Airport, some 40 miles to the north and west of the center of activity. At the time of the power outage, which was curiously limited to the one building in Muskogee from which the Jerry Pippin Show was being broadcast, eyewitnesses outside the building reported that all the lighting inside the building brightened as if each light fixture was a flash bulb. In other words, the whole building flashed instantaneously and then went dark. This had the appearance of an extremely strong power surge.

After two minutes, certain elements using electricity within the building, such as emergency lights, emergency alarms and some of the radio studio equipment, including the equipment used to feed the KBIX broadcast signal to the Internet, regained power. While most office lighting and the building elevators remained out of service. Phone service was also briefly interrupted in the studio, interrupting a show guest interview.

We are investigating the cause of this event. Was it related to the electromagnetic disturbance which appeared to be detected by the weather radar system? It is known that our government does have weapons systems that can direct electromagnetic surges at specifically targeted areas. Have they been testing these systems within populated areas of the United States? Or, did the little gray guys really come after Jerry in his studio during our UFO-Files Show?

 Possible ET Abduction and Death Of Pennsylvania Man Reported
From Peter Davenport
Director - National UFO Reporting Center

Occurred : 8/2/2002 17:30 (Entered as : 8/2/2002 5:30 Pm)
Reported : 8/29/2002 2:56:17 PM 14:56
Posted : 9/6/2002
Location : Northumberland, PA

Shape : Disk (NUFORC Note: We have contacted a local newspaper in Northumberland County, and to the police officer who served as investigator of the case. The newspaper confirms that the incident occurred, although the police officer stated that the decedant's remains had been returned to the family, contrary to the claims made by some regarding this case. The official report will be released in late September, according to the police officer, and we will attempt to obtain a copy of it. --PD)

I will be as brief as possible. A man named Todd Sees was abducted and murdered by aliens on Montour Ridge in Northumberland County near the town of Northumberland, Pa. This is a big sloppy coverup if there ever was one.

Todd Sees, the victim, lived at the foot of Montour Ridge, a mountain stretching over 20 miles east. Todd Sees went up the mountain to look for preseason deer. He told his wife that he would be home by noon. He rode his 4 wheeler up the powerline behind his home at a little after 5:00 in the morning. Noon came and no Todd. His wife and children became concerned. At 2:00 a search party was organized and local police, state police, paramedics, and 200 volunteers helped search for Todd Sees.

The 4 wheeler was found on the top of the mountain near a powerline. Tracking dogs could find nothing to go on around the 4 wheeler. The search went on for 2 days and over 6 miles of mountain were covered from top to bottom. Todd had vanished with out a trace. The 4 wheeler was - keep in mind - 2 miles from his home at the foot of the mountain. A pond a few hundred yards from the house was even searched by skin divers just so they overlooked nothing. Dogs were over the whole area constantly no results. No trace.

Then, in the evening of the 2nd day, something white was spotted in a large brushy area 25 feet from the pond. Police and rescue workers spent 20 minutes cutting and hacking brush and small trees so they could reach what looked like a body. It was Todd Sees. He was wearing his underwear. He was emaciated - not bloated. He was white. He had an expression of horror on his face. When he went up the mountain he was fully-dressed, boots, camo vest, hat, socks, pants.

The FBI showed up with in 30 minutes (of Todd's discovery -ed). They took charge. They would not let his wife look at her dead husband no matter how much she tried. The FBI asked questions around the area...neighbors, mostly farmers.

3 farmers on one farm said they saw a large round bright object just above thje powerlines at the time of the disappearance. It was silent, it did not move for about 10 to 15 minutes. It suddenly went up...and suddenly stopped. A light shined down and something, appeared to be a man, head up, waving his arms, was pulled up into the light. The object then went straight up, hesitated again, then went west over the Susquehanna River and out of sight.

A police friend of mine said after 2 autopsies, nothing was found. A toxicology test revealed nothing. No visible cuts or bruises anywhere except from the brush. Now the body is at Allentown,from there it is going to Fort Indiantown Gap, Pa. The wife was told she cannot have the body for 6 to 8 weeks. A boot was found a mile from the 4 wheeler a few days ago at the top of a tree. It was his. I notice military copters have been scouring the mountain ever since at least once a day. If you need additional info for verification on anything contact me. ((name deleted))

LARGE "Mother Ships" caught on GOES Weather satellite images?

Follow-up on Carteret, NJ Sightings of 7/14-15/01
Multiple eyewitness reports including a FOIA released report on Newark International Airport radar sightings of numerous objects in the the airspace around the airport that had no aircraft identification transponders. During the period of the sightings, there were also no arriving or departing flights observed. This observation was reported by a number of the eye-witnesses, but not confirmed by Newark Airport flight controllers.
CLICK HERE for the full National Institute for Discovery Science Report,
including many eyewitness reports and a sightings map.

 UFO attacks cause panic in India
Click here for the story
Follow-up report: May be ball lightning. Sure - the largest outbreak of longlasting balls of lightning ever reported. This is the Indian version of the old swamp gas story.

Waldorf Puts the U in UFO

What was that bright light in Maryland's sky???

WTOP has learned that residents near Andrews Air Force base were shaken from their beds early [this] Friday morning by some strange activity in the air.

"Incredible. Absolutely incredible" is what Renny Rogers of Waldorf calls it. Just before two in the morning, Rogers says he saw a large blue ball of light streaking across the sky. But it was the military jets that really startled him.

"(The jets) were right on its tail. As the thing would move, a jet was right behind it," Rogers recalls.

He is not the only one who saw it. Several people called WTOP Radio reporting seeing a bright blue or orange ball moving very fast, being chased by jets.

Rogers says there was no smoke coming from the object, no flashing lights, and says it was smooth, and eerily silent.

The Air National Guard confirms they scrambled the 113th squadron. Spokesman Sheldon Smith says they are investigating and in contact with NORAD.

Reported to UFO-Files by Listener, Doug Climenson from Maryland early Friday afternoon, 7/26/02, via e-mail.

Here is a follow-up story reported by Marc Simpson, also from Maryland, during the UFO-Files program on 7/26/02:

My wife and I witnessed a UFO in January that was identical to the UFO which was seen today, 7/26/02. My mother witnessed today's UFO, and what she described was identical to the object my wife and I saw in January 2002. Here are the details of my experience...

Back in January, my wife and I were walking home from the grocery store. It was a about 3 or 4 in the afternoon, the sun was still out, and the sky was clear on that day. While we were walking towards our house, we saw an aqua colored sphere about the size of a large aircraft streak across the sky, make a circular motion, then go downward, faster than anything I have ever seen. I said to my wife did you see that? Before she even had the chance to say yes, we both watched in amazement as it rose back up in the sky. The UFO we saw was bright like neon, even in the daylight. After we saw the UFO, we saw 4 military jets scramble in the same direction as the UFO, followed by 3 large black helicopters with double rotor blades on them. My wife and I were very disoriented, and frankly, quite scared. As we got back to our apartment complex, we saw what looked like an airplane overhead, except for that fact that it didn't look like any airplane I had ever seen, and it was very low in altitude. It was black, triangular, and had a white diamond at the front. Being scared, we went in the house and didn't go back outside. I also need to mention that the UFO we saw made no sound whatsoever.

And, here are comments made by Kenny Young on a UFO Information mailing list bulletin sent out during our show on 7/26:
Provided by Doug Climenson from Maryland

Subject: F-16 Scramble - ANG Admission & NORAD Involvement

Would anyone have any solid info as to when the last time any military agency acknowledged to scrambling on a suspected UFO? I may be looking at this from the wrong perspective but it seems the very admission by ANG that they undertook investigation is making this quite a story. I don't think it's the terrorist climate either, simply because all one needs to do is review UFO reports from the past few years and we have loads of eyewitness claims to UFOs being pursued by jets.

What makes this different might be why the ANG didn't simply deny involvement in it completely? Some UFO claims from Ohio in the past few years come to mind involving jets in pursuit of UFOs, and they do not necessarily involve flare deployments.

Would there be video from any ground witnesses? How about reports to local police agencies? Name the pilots!!! Do they have onboard videos from the F-16 cockpits, where is the radar and/or satellite optical data that led to the scramble, etc? Is this material releasable or (probably) classified? Did they wake The President?

Many questions here.....

Kenny Young

Note: Mr. Young has filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the Air National Guard and NORAD. The request asks them to fully disclose all information they have concerning this incident. We can probably expect either a negative response or a lot of blacked out material.

Update from the Washington Post on 7/27/02

F-16s Pursue Unknown Craft Over Region
By Steve Vogel
Washington Post Staff Writer

For Renny Rogers, it was strange enough that military jets were flying low over his home in Waldorf in the middle of the night. It was what he thinks he saw when he headed outside to look early yesterday that floored him.

"It was this object, this light-blue object, traveling at a phenomenal rate of speed," Rogers said. "This Air Force jet was right behind it, chasing it, but the object was just leaving him in the dust. I told my neighbor, 'I think those jets are chasing a UFO.' "

Military officials confirm that two F-16 jets from Andrews Air Force Base were scrambled early yesterday after radar detected an unknown aircraft in area airspace. But they scoff at the idea that the jets were chasing a strange and speedy, blue unidentified flying object.

"We had a track of interest, so we sent up some aircraft," said Maj. Douglas Martin, a spokesman for the North American Aerospace Defense Command in Colorado, which has responsibility for defending U.S. airspace. "Everything was fine in the sky, so they returned home."

At the same time, military officials say they do not know just what the jets were chasing, because whatever it was disappeared. "There are any number of scenarios, but we don't know what it was," said Maj. Barry Venable, another spokesman for NORAD.

Radar detected a low, slow-flying aircraft about 1 a.m. yesterday, according to a military official. Controllers were unable to establish radio communication with the unidentified aircraft, and NORAD was notified. When the F-16s carrying air-to-air missiles were launched from Andrews, the unidentified aircraft's track faded from the radar, the military official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Pilots with the D.C. Air National Guard's 113th Air Wing, which flew the F-16s from Andrews, reported nothing out of the ordinary, NORAD officials said.

"It was a routine launch," said Lt. Col. Steve Chase, a senior officer with the wing, which keeps pilots and armed jets on 24-hour alert at Andrews to respond to incidents as part of an air defense system protecting Washington after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Rogers remains convinced that what he saw was not routine. "It looked like a shooting star with no trailing mist," he said. "I've never seen anything like it."

© 2002 The Washington Post Company

Finally, here is the transcript of the only National Coverage of this story, as broadcast on FOX News. This report was only broadcast one time on FOX and was never posted on their web site. To date the media coverage was from WTOP, the Washington Post and FOX. It would appear that nationwide censorship of this story was applied.

Verbatim Fox News Report
Of The F-16 UFO Pursuit
From Chad Jacobs

Fox News wrote me back regarding the abscence of the UFO story from their website. Actually, they didn't offer an explanation only a transcript of the original report:
From: (Chad Jacobs) Sent: Saturday, July 27, 2002 1:39 AM To: Show -Fox Report Subject: WHAT HAPPENED TO THE UFO STORY?
...which was presented on your show tonight? It cannot be found on ANY news site. I'm not even someone who believes in UFO's but find this to be STRANGE. It's like the story has gone into some sort of Orwellian black hole. It is conspicuous by its absence.
Chad Jacobs

Subject: re: What Happened To The UFO Story? Date: 7/29/2002 From: foxreport@FOXNEWS.COM (Show -Fox Report) To: (Chad Jacobs)
More questions than answers at this point -- but SOMETHING strange was going on in the Maryland night sky. Here is what we know.
(voice over NORAD file)
1AM -- the Folks at NORAD -- saw something they could not identify in Maryland airspace -- not far from Washington, DC. The track it was taking caused them some concern. So they scrambled 2 DC Air National Guard jets to check things out.
(voice over F-16 file)
The DC Air National Guard confirms two F-16's from the 113th wing were vectored to intercept whatever it was that NORAD was worried about -- however the pilots said they did not see anything when they arrived on the scene.
The folks at NORAD would not provide details about the exact location -- direction or the speed of the object they were tracking.
(voice over map)
Now -- indepedently, a number of folks who live in Waldorf Maryland -- which is not far from Andrews Air Force Base -- and not far from the Nation's capitol ---- called local radio station WTOP to say that about the same time -- they witnessed a fast-moving bright blue light in the sky. they go on to claim that the light was being chased by military jets. One witness tells the radio station --- "the jets were right on it's tail. as the thing would move -- a jet was right behind it. "
(on camera)
An investigation is underway. But, National Guard spokesman Capt. Sheldon Smith says, and I quote "we dont have any information about funny lights."
By the way -- this is the 50th anniversary of a series of still unexplained sightings over ther nation's Capitol -- a story that made banner headline news in 1952.

8/2/02 Update on the story submited by Doug Climenson

F-16 Chase Case Preliminary Report
From: Steven Kaeser <steve@konsulting.com>
Date: Fri, 2 Aug 2002 10:47:54 -0400

The preliminary report on the report of F-16s chasing a "ball of light" last week near Andrews AFB has now been released. Joan Woodward, of the Fund for UFO Research, has been looking into this case during the past week, interviewing the individuals involved, and making contact with the miliary. That report can be found on the Fund's web site: http://www.fufor.com/report_020726.doc

During a local radio call in program last night on this subject, a commercial air-traffic controller who was on his way home from work saw what he felt was the same "blue" object last Friday morning at about the same time as the F-16 chase. When he contacted the control tower to see if they had it on radar, they confirmed that they saw something. Of course, this is all hearsay from a caller on the telephone, and attempts are being made to confirm this information. 


Spyman's Photo-Enhancements of Recent UFO sighting in Oregon. Go to Filer's Files Site for sighting details.

New UFO photos and SPYMAN enhancements from Oregon (7/19/02)




Small, but Deadly Asteroid Barely Misses Earth on 3/8/02

(CNN) --
A sizable asteroid zipped near our planet this month without anyone noticing because it traveled through an astronomical blind spot, scientists said. The space boulder passed Earth within 288,000 miles (461,000 kilometers) -- or 1.2 times the distance to the moon -- on March 8, but since it came from the direction of the sun, scientists did not observe it until four days later. The object, slightly larger than one that flattened a vast expanse of Siberia in 1908, was one of the 10 closest known asteroids to approach Earth, astronomers said. Click on picture above for full story.

The Latest Area 51 Photo

William Scherer (billy@pacific-ocean.com) writes to UFO-Files: "Took this a couple months
ago. I specialize in aerial photography, especially famous golf courses. I
tried to get closer to Area 51 but they wouldn't let me. I even asked the
non-com on the radio if this was area 51... he told me he had never heard of
that name and that I was 50 feet too close. Shot was taken with a 6X7 medium
format camera."

Click Here to See Dramatic Photos of 9/29/01 Hungarian Daylight UFO Sighting by Military Pilot

Turkish Fighter Pilots on Training Mission Report UFO
See ABC NEWS Report


Click the picture above for the January 5, 2000 Illinois Sightings Report
 Video Program (30 minutes, requires Real Player)


New Montana Cattle Mutilations
Sheriff Asks NIDS For Help

CONRAD, Montana, 8/8/01: Investigators in north-central Montana are baffled by a string of cattle mutilations since mid-June, prompting one agency to seek help from a group that studies unconventional theories, including UFOs. Ranchers in Dupuyer and Fort Shaw have reported four cattle deaths in which portions of the animals' faces were cut or peeled off and eyeballs and genitals were removed. The animals had not been shot, and investigators say whoever is responsible left few clues behind. The killings are similar to a string of cattle deaths in the 1970s in the same general area, in which more than 60 cattle in five counties were found mutilated. Those cases remain unsolved, and prompted speculation at the time from some that the deaths were the work of aliens or satanic cults. 

Dan Campbell, a deputy with the Pondera County Sheriff's Department, believes humans are responsible, but their motives remain unclear. "I don't believe in little green men," he said. "I think 500 people have asked me, 'Well, what's doing it?' If I knew, I would get it in the paper." Colm Kelleher, deputy administrator of the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS) in Las Vegas, confirmed Tuesday that the sheriff's office contacted the institute for help. "They'd heard about some of our previous research from a retired deputy sheriff in that area," he said. The group describes itself as a research organization that studies a variety of unconventional scientific theories. NIDS investigated the 1970s cattle mutilations in Montana, and Kelleher said its research found a correlation between the animal killings and UFO sightings around Malmstrom Air Force Base. "Just because we found a statistical linkage between UFO sightings and animal mutilation, we are not drawing a direct link," he said. "We are completely undecided as to the perpetrators of these mutilations."



The recent sighting of a flying triangle UFO was reported on New York City TV station WNBC-TV this evening.  No further reports are available at this time. The sighting was reported and videotaped by a Carteret, New Jersey Police Officer. The video was shown and the police officer along with several town residents including the Mayor were interviewed. The video was of excellent quality and showed a formation of lights in the nighttime sky. It was moving too slow to be identified as a meteor and NASA confirmed that it was not space debris. Its movements and lighting configuration were also not consistant with aircraft. During the interview that followed excerpts of the video, the reporting police officer and the mayor both wrote it off as no big deal - probably a meteor or something. It is obvious that Carteret, New Jersey does not want the publicity that the towns in Missouri and Ohio have received over the past two years when police officers have reported similar sightings in their areas. WNBC-TV does not have this story or the video posted on their web site. So, unless a qualified UFO investigator does not follow up on this quickly, the story and the video will quickly evaporate. Has TV news sunk to new lows in sensationalizing its programming, or is this for real?

UPDATE 7/17/01: See George Filer's report, below, for details of what caused all the publicity over this remarkable New York Area sighting. George is personally investigating this sighting. This is good news indeed.

UPDATE 7/18/01: ABC NEWS Comes Through Again: CLICK HERE for story and video report.

UPDATE 7/20/01: CLICK HERE for MSNBC Video Report issued this morning. Excellent coverage with eyewitness interviews and commentary by Peter Davenport, NUFORC Director. 

UPDATE 7/21/01: CLICK HERE for NIDS Investigation eyewitness reports. Looks like a lot of inconsistencies in the details. And a surprisingly local phenomena reported only by residents in one town and drivers on the adjacent New Jersey Turnpike. Northeast New Jersey is very densely populated and is effectively one large city. This object must have been at a very low altitude or many more people in other towns would have seen it.  It does not at this time appear to be a craft sighting, but it is definitely an unknown phenomena.

UPDATE 7/26/01: CLICK HERE for information on Fire Ballons of various varieties. 

From the picture on the main page of the above referenced site, taken in NYC Central Park, it is obvious people in the New York area have knowledge of these ballons and have launched them in this area. Why no reports like the Carteret sighting in other areas of the New York Metro Region? Maybe as they say, "location, location, location" and timing of your launch is important. Also, before jumping to conclusions, it would take a well organized and substancial crew of people to pull off a well coordinated launch to produce the results observed. The lights were also not reported to have risen sequentially from the ground. Only reports that they were in the sky at a fixed altitude.



Requires RealPlayer


Courtesy of Adam Clark



Provide by listener source on 7/8/01

Serov, Russia - Hundreds of awestruck eyewitnesses reportedly watched in shock and disbelief as at least 36 UFOs waged a spectacular dogfight above a Russian air base! The incredible aerial battle, which took place at an altitude of about 5,200 feet, was seen by witnesses not prone to hysteria or exaggeration, including members of the Russian air force, military intelligence officers and two visiting foreign journalists, from Poland and Latvia. 

"For approximately 12 minutes, the sky was ablaze with death rays fired from the battling starships," says Polish news reporter Igor Wroclawski, who was there to cover an air show scheduled for the next day.  "Several of the craft that were hit appeared to be damaged by the rays and one of them caught fire and crashed into the mountains." The dogfight erupted at 2:05 a.m. on May 11 at an air base near Serov, at the foothills of the Ural Mountains, according to Wroclawski. Radar first detected two groups of massive objects entering Russian air space, one from the northeast, the other from the west, like giant schools of fish.

"The base was put on full alert," says the correspondent, who first told his story on Polish radio. "When I went outside in my pajamas, some of the soldiers were standing there, pointing up in the sky," says Wroclawski. "I looked up and I could see dozens of saucer-shaped objects circling overhead." The unidentified vessels appeared to be about 90 feet in diameter, he said. Within minutes of the initial radar sightings, the two sets of flying discs opened fire "The weapons were as deafening as thunder and they lit up the entire night sky," says Wroclawski. "It was terrifying to watch." After 12 minutes, one fleet of UFOs took off to the south, with the other group in hot pursuit. Wroclawski claims he snapped a photo of the air duel, but it was seized by intelligence officers.

The Russian government emphatically denies the report, claiming there have been no recent sightings of UFOs at any Russian installations. But U.S. intelligence sources aren't buying it. "If a UFO really did crash in the Ural Mountains, you can bet the Russians are going to keep it secret until they have a chance to salvage any alien technology they can," a CIA source observed.


Adam Clark, world's youngest Ufologist and recent guest on Jerry Pippin's UFO-Files, researched this article and found the source to be a supermarket tabloid, the "Weekly World News."  The WWN, available at finer grocery stores in the U.S. and on the Internet, often carries thought-provoking stories. WWN also is notorious for its doom-and-gloom predictions. Adam also received a comment from Dr. Bruce Maccabee on this article: "This is a crock...." Well, anything appearing in a tabloid is usually distorted or enhanced, but rarely is there not some grain of truth in an article. Also, tabloids are known to be vehicles for discrediting valid reports of unusual phenomena through their presentations. Is this article based on some valid event that recently occurred in Russia. We'll keep our Internet eyes and ears open. Any reports or opinions you may have on this article, or its source, are welcome on our LISTENER'S FORUM. Note that this story was also picked up by Filer's Files this week (see last article below).


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