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In this interview conducted on 7/25/06 by Jerry Pippin, Dr. Steven M. Greer, M.D. discusses his fifteen year history of uncovering and revealing the inner workings of an illegal and covert program, which deals with UFO and ET interactions with the Shadow Government and US citizens, some real and some staged to engender fear.

Besides going into details about his alternative energy project, Greer relates many inside stories behind his "Disclosure Project," including his revelation that he has evidence that the US Military has shot down and destroyed vehicles from other worlds.

Who are the good entities (human and ET) and who are the bad? What is real and what is illusion? Dr. Greer has his insider witness supported opinions. Listen to what he has to say and decide what position you will take.

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In the first half hour, Jerry talks to Dr. Greer about his alternative energy project and how he became interested in developing the "Disclosure Project." Greer also touches on the reasons behind his interest in UFOs and ETs.

Part One

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In the second half hour, Dr. Greer talks about information he has received from highly placed military and corporate executives regarding what kind of contact has been made in the past with ETs. Steven and Jerry discuss the shadow world of a secret government, which sets and controls not only much of the policy of the United States, but also that of other countries around the world.

Part Two

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View the full 2001 Washington Press Club Presentation by Dr. Greer and a panel of insider witnesses.

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