Interview with Jerry Pippin

Program Introduction

The first in a series of shows that will run thru July 2007, when the 60th anniversary of the Roswell UFO crash features an overview of Roswell 's UFO history and a look forward to the big anniversary celebration in 2007. In this first hour, Jerry interviews with guest Guy Malone, who has promoted Roswell conferences on UFO and paranormal activity in the past. Malone is planning to promote a disclosure conference as part of the 2007 celebration in Roswell.


2006 Roswell Festival Parade Begins.

ET Canis Minoris from Planet Serpo on parade.

Guy Malone in front of his Roswell Store.
Guy's website:

Panel discussion during Guy Malone's Annual Ancient of Days Conference in Roswell.


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Part One, WMA Version: One In the first of a series of UFO shows from Roswell, N.M. Jerry talks to visitors to the city for the celebration, a movie producer who made a movie about UFO's being generated by demons. Guy Malone who is known for his religious views in connection with UFOs is the guest for the hour and they discuss his plans for a disclosure conference during the 2007 anniversary.

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Part Two, WMA Version: Guy Malone and Jerry Pippin debate the religious significance of UFOs and whether or not Roswell actually happened. Malone has made a career in discussing and lecturing the religious ramifications of UFOs. Malone makes an amazing confession in this half hour that is surprising for a UFO conference promoter.

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