The Jerry Pippin Show
Direct from the Aquarius Resort in Laughlin, NV 


Jerry with Bill Ryan & Kerry Cassidy

Sean David Morton

 Steve Bassett

 Robert Short

Gordon Novel


Hour #7 - In this hour broadcast from the convention center floor of the Aquarius Resort Casino during the 2007 International UFO Congress, Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy appear in the first half hour. In addition to discussing Project Camelot Productions and their passion for big game hunting in Africa with a camera, Ryan announces that he is finished with Project Serpo. He lays out his reasons in this interview and explains a little more about how he become involved in the UFO Scene.
MP3 Running time: 1 hour, 48 seconds. Windows Media Version Part 1

Next, Jerry interviews Sean David Morton, who is a man of prophecy. He is well known in the UFO and alternative community for his past predictions. In this interview Morton tells Jerry about his belief that there will be a major upheaval in the American financial markets and to the world markets as well in November. He thinks that crisis will be a loss of most if not all of the value in the US dollar. He talks about his UFO/ET views and even his fiction writing in this interview with Jerry. Windows Media Version Part 2

Hour # 8 - During the first half hour, Jerry talks with Steve Bassett about Paul Hellyer’s March 1, 2007 announcement, calling on all governments of the world to stop the charade of pretending that we don’t have ET technology, and that because of that technology we have the means at our disposal to stop global warming, the most important problem facing us today.

Hellyer’s announcement, instigated by Steve’s Open Letter to Al Gore (see was then picked up by Matt Drudge, thus insuring a fortunate wide dissemination to the public.

Steve says, “…There’s an extraterrestrial presence, there’s ET technology in Government labs. We simply cannot continue this farce…half the American public knows there’s an ET presence – say so in the polls, believe that Roswell was true, know the Government is lying, and yet nothing happens. Nothing changes…The embargo of this truth has to end. Now!”
MP3 Running time: 57 minutes, 58 seconds. Windows Media Version Part 1

During the second half hour, Jerry talks with Robert Short about the Second Annual Retro UFO Conference at the Integetron near Landers, California to be held on April 21st and 22nd, 2007. Robert is a veteran UFO researcher and channeler, whose experience ranges from the 1950s and the first UFO conventions held at Giant Rock through the present time. In this interview, he gives Jerry a sampling of his vast store of knowledge about the Rock and its historical connections to UFO phenomena. Robert will be one of the featured speakers at this year’s Retro UFO Conference.  Windows Media Version Part 2

Hour # 9 - Gordon Novel has spent decades in the shadows of the great conspiracy stories of American History. Everyone agrees that he has been a player in most of the events from the JFK assassination through Waco to current events. Novel is a high profile investigator who's real life adventures rival those of any movie or TV series of the genre. He has agreed to become involved in the investigative series on 9/11 being produced by the Jerry Pippin Show.

Novel came to the UFO Congress because of his fascination with the technical side of the UFO phenomenon. In this interview, he tells Jerry that he has formed a product R&D company and is working actively to free up the black-ops back engineering aspects of UFOs and hopes to bring a new form of energy that would allow the breaking the hold of the oil industry on the economy of the entire planet.  In addition, he reveals some interesting plans including a movie trilogy about the possible destruction of the planet barring the development of energy sources that literally are not of this world.
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