Gordon Novel
PI - Business Man - Spy?

Cold War Warrior's Passing Leaves Questions and Prospects of Few Answers
by Jerry Pippin
It was not unexpected, the death of Gordon Novel, he had been very ill; but it still came as a shock. The 74 year old Novel was still behaving like the cold warrior he evidently had been in his earlier life. The Bay of Pigs, The JFK Assassination, being held by radicals in a Beirut Jail while trying to free an American Hostage, are just a few of the scrapes that Gordon Novel, Private Investigator had endured.
In an earlier interview which is now part of tribute to Novel broadcast just days after his death, Novel discussed some of the events in his life yet from off the record conversations with him over the years, we were aware there was much more to tell. However the grim reaper came for Gordon in the middle of the night in a nursing home in Los Angeles, taking him and his stories to the other side.
Gordon was a child of the South, he loved New Orleans, Louisiana in particular and never really left it in spirit even though he had been hanging out on the West Coast for many years. Born in a show business heritage, Gordon spent his early years at Pasadena Playhouse training for the big movie career that never happened. His life turned out to be a real-life incarnation of your favorite spy thriller combined with little two bit PI stories and for those who knew him up close and personal, a man of great social conscience that in his later years dedicated his pursuit of free or cheap energy, which he was convinced the US Government had back engineered from UFO crashes.
Many have asked me if foul play was involved. It most certainly could have been a murder but there is little evidence of that. However if there is a suspect, it is more likely in my opinion to have been from the corporate energy companies of the world as Gordon was getting very close to the development of "free" energy which he envisioned would free the world from the debt of Big Oil and Gas. Others suspect his life long dedication to black operations and friendship with CIA agents ended as it frequently does with the clandestine operatives, death when usefulness is no longer needed.
It could have been any of those factors it simply could have been that a life of hard living, wild women, and various stressful close encounters with law enforcement, military types and the underworld characters he knew took a toll and at 74, his body had nothing more to give even though his spirit and drive was still there in my last conversation with him.
Many of the people on my staff over the years never could understand the fascination I had with bad boy Gordon; but once you got past the PI image, there was a small boy quality about him that included thinking the best of mankind and knowing that the people he dealt with were not the best, but rotten to the core, even though misguided in their devotion to God and Country. Gordon Novel was called many names but as Robert Morningstar dubbed him in an expose on British Petroleum and the Gulf Oil spill, NOBLE DRAGON.
As all of us know far to well, life on this planet for humans is temporary and it was time for Gordon to move on, leaving one to wonder if there is an eternity for men's souls, what is happening with Novel right now?
Jerry Pippin
Midnight 10-06-12
Jerry does a tribute broadcast to the life and times of Private Investigator Gordon Novel. Joining Jerry in this show is Gordon's son, Sur Novel, and the discussion concerns some personal history of Gordon, his scrapes with the law, secret agencies, and a fact that he was a major player in several high profile cases including his son's inside story of Gordon Novel and his involvement with the players in the JFK assassination. (Originally broadcast live October 08, 2012 on Inception Radio)
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From Ron Pandolfi, October 6, 2012:
"I met Gordon at an off beat place at night were people might meet to have a private conversation and perhaps where only one might walk away, but I had known of Gordon for many years, well at least I knew of a shadowy figure that might have been Gordon. We did walk away that night into the shadows, at different times and directions, but somewhat in step, with a shared vision of accessing the truth and making the world a better place. Gordon's path thereafter was a tangled web with many falls, and there were times when I received or made a call. He loved and respected the Princess and served as Godfather to Kashmir. He climbed up the mountains, spoke with the Wise Yak, and butted heads with the Blue Goat. Gordon was always ready for a fight, ready to win the fight, with confidence that he was right. My confidence in a better world inspired by Gordon during that night, that now in the shadows there are more of us meeting tonight."

Gordon Novel - 1938 to 2012 - A life dedicated to the pursuit of Justice and Fairness against all odds. MP3 running time 27 minutes, 37 seconds windows media version

Thursday, October 4, 2012 Paul Richard Price who knew Gordon well and had been involved in some of Gordon's projects did a tribute show to Gordon Novel- Kerry Cassidy, Bill Ryan of Project Camelot were joined in the tribute by Jerry Pippin along with Jim Marrs and Richard Dolan. All of these people had known Gordon well over the years and the conversation reveals a lot about Gordon as well as those giving the tributes.
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Gordon Novel was a fascinating man. Carried along on the train of history, Gordon Novel had a front seat to many of the most controversial chapters in U.S. history. From the Kennedy assassination to Watergate, Waco and beyond, Gordon had really seen it all.

He was charming, bold, uncompromising in his vision and determined to change the world.  Backed by the CIA, he believed his vision of a world set free from the confines of oil and gas would become a reality. A big picture thinker with a strong will and an indomitable spirit, he forged ahead against all odds. His fierce dedication was something to behold.