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Nine extraterrestrial messages were received in 1995, and there is good reason to believe that they were actually received two years earlier. These messages were posted in 1995 as a game on David Levine's website. Mr. Levine was a former NASA employee, and the "game messages" were linked to his website, from the SETI website.

It is believed that if those in control of the ET messages had been successful in their attempts to decode them, the public would not have concrete knowledge of their existence. Rumors regarding the messages would have eventually surfaced, but it is certain that a cover up would be implemented, as was done with the Roswell Incident.

Shortly after the messages were posted on Levine's website, a group of dedicated individuals found that they had a key to decoding the messages, which revolved a discovery that they had made in 1975. What they learned from the first seven sections of the first message can only be described as mind blowing.

They decided the messages could well contain information that is extremely important to mankind, and explored options to speed up the decoding process. Ultimately, they elected to seek help from an organization that had both the manpower and financial resources, which undoubtedly could greatly accelerate the process, and that is when the controversy began to unfold.

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The letter to Jerry Pippin, which follows, lists a string of events that began on April 27 and culminated on October 15th, 2004. They seem to point to a potential conspiracy revolving around nine extraterrestrial messages received in 1995, and proprietary and confidential information that is integral to their decoding.

To: Jerry Pippin

From: Rod C. Davis

Subject: Is this a conspiracy, or does it simply look that way?

Dear Mr. Pippin:

At the request of Wesley H. Bateman, on April 27, 2004 I personally delivered a package to Colm A. Kelleher, Ph.D., Administrator of Space Sciences, Inc. It contained information that I had told him was the smoking gun that the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS) had been looking for. Smoking gun was a term used by Dr. Kelleher when being interviewed by Art Bell on Coast-to-Coast AM, and it directly referred to locating hard evidence proving that extraterrestrials exist.

The information that I delivered to Dr. Kelleher revolved around nine ET messages that were posted as a game on David Levine's Website, and linked from the SETI Website. They said messages were received via radio telescope on the 1420 MHz frequency prior to January 31, 1995. Wes believes, based upon good information, that the messages were actually received two years earlier.

The history behind Wes' ability to solve these messages goes back to 1975. At that time Wes rediscovered an ancient system of mathematics known today as the "RA System of Mathematics." By some stroke of coincidence, maybe, in 1997 he found that the RA System of Mathematics was directly linked to the nine ET messages posted on Levine's Website. The information that he and his team have discovered since then while working on these messages, in Wes' words, is mind blowing. I happen to agree.

The data that I had delivered to Dr. Kelleher must have been of great interest to him, because he requested more on several different occasions. But, in each case he was provided with only enough information to feed his curiosity not the nuts and bolts that he was looking for. He did his absolute best to get all the research behind the smoking gun data, with no strings attached. He even went so far as to voluntarily write a Non-Disclosure Agreement on behalf of NIDS, which he signed and faxed to me on June 10, 2004. Mr. Bateman had several matters he had to take into consideration. One, a non-disclosure agreement, no matter how well written, is only as good as your pockets are deep, and Mr. Bigelow's pockets were very deep. And number two, NIDS's actions had been much less than forthright up to that point, not to mention the fact that there were volumes of unknowns regarding NIDS. The risk was far too great, and he rejected the offer.

On more than one occasion, I personally delivered the additional information requested by Dr. Kelleher, and each time that we met he seemed to make a point of emphasizing the fact that Space Sciences, Inc. and NIDS were far too busy to get involved in another project.

On July 22nd Dr. Kelleher sent an email to Wes and me stating: "I will continue to pursue due diligence so that I can ascertain the origin of these intriguing messages. Needless to mention, I do not doubt in the least anything you have told me. Simultaneously, NIDS is also pursuing a separate cryptanalysis investigative track on these messages. I will keep you apprised regarding my progress, but I cannot give you an exact date when my due diligence will be complete."

There is another piece of important information that I need to share with you that goes back to April. Shortly after my first meeting with Dr. Kelleher, during which I personally delivered the smoking gun data, Dr. Bruce Cornet, Deputy Director of NIDS, contacted Wesley Bateman (he went around NIDS to do so) concerning a UFO that he had captured on film using a camcorder. He told Wes that in 1997 he was driven by reasons unknown to him, to go to a specific location, on a specific date, with an assistant and a camcorder. They weren't at the location for very long before a UFO made a pass over him. When all was said and done, the UFO had made several passes. Each time it made a pass at him, its lights were flashing, and the sequence of the flashing lights was different each time. When Dr. Cornet made contact with Wes, the information that he sent included a study that he had conducted on the timing and sequence of the flashing lights. Within days after making contact with Mr. Bateman, Dr. Cornet was fired.

Wes applied the RA System of Mathematics to the data sent by Dr. Cornet, and discovered that the messages conveyed by the flashing lights were mathematically linked to the nine ET messages received in 1995. Was it simply a coincidence that the flashing lights were directly linked to the nine ET messages posted on David Levine's website, or was it by design?

Going back to April once again, when Dr. Kelleher and I met, I told him that Mr. Bigelow's organization had been contacted for two reasons. One, Wes and his team needed additional people, as well as financial resources to speed up the process to solve the ET messages. And two, Robert Bigelow had enough personal financial resources that greed should not become a factor. It is Wes Bateman's position that these messages are meant for everyone. He and his colleagues have invested an enormous amount of time and money since 1975 to research and learn the Ra System of Mathematics, which has been integral to solving the nine ET messages. He does not want any individual or organization to take credit for the discovery of the information contained in the messages, nor the system of mathematics required to solve them. But, most of all, he does not want any individual or organization to take control of any technology that may be found in those messages, strictly for their personal financial gain. We made it clear to Dr. Kelleher that any technology derived from the messages would belong to the people of the world as a benefit to all mankind. That was not acceptable, and they did their best to get around it.

What is most interesting about all of this is the fact that NIDS has recently closed their doors, and following is part of the statement they provided: "We have not had the need to do any major investigative work for well over 2 years."

I find that statement VERY interesting, especially when I take into consideration Dr. Colm Kelleher's statement we're far too busy to take on any other projects. Wes and I believe that they found their smoking gun in the data that I delivered to Dr. Kelleher, and NIDS has gone underground to work on it.

There is one final piece of interesting information. Shortly after the 11:30 AM meeting with Dr. Kelleher, on April 27th, at Space Sciences, Inc, in Las Vegas, Nevada, I wrote an article titled, "Time Lost - Continued". The article contained information regarding my meeting with Dr. Kelleher, plus the events that led up to it. On July 20th, Dr. Kelleher sent me an email demanding that I remove the Space Sciences, Inc. name from the article. The article was, and still is, posted on several websites, without any changes.

I have often wondered what motivated Dr. Kelleher's demand to remove Space Sciences, Inc.'s name from my article.

In conclusion, Wes Bateman and I would welcome an opportunity to share with you and your audience some very thought provoking information. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Sincerely yours,

Rod C. Davis


bulletWes Bateman discusses the background of the ET Messages and the content of Message One in this interview with Jerry Pippin conducted on 11/13/04.


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The information contained in this document revolves around the origin of nine ET messages, where they emanated from, and the potential reason that they were sent. It also contains the ET message number one, an explanation behind the symbols contained in it, as well as hints on how to solve it. This is an evolving file, and will be added to from time to time.
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