Farah Yurdozu
Special Correspondent, Jerry Pippin Show

On March 2, 2011 I was invited to FOX Turkish TV show to talk about UFOs and ETs and possible connection with the interdimensional beings. Since Solomon, the human race has been in an interaction with different type of beings, and after thousands of years we still cannot solve their mystery. But we try. At least we UFO and paranormal researchers have a very open minded approach to this mystery.
Farah Yurdozu


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Farah Yurdozu talks with Maximillien de Lafayette. The interview was produced in New York city and goes into detail about UFO issues and especially the subject of Annunaki contact.  Lafayette, an amazing man of art and creativity whose UFO connection is interwoven with some spiritual and mystical ideology and is internationally known and respected.

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I am very happy to announce that my new book has just been published in Turkey : "UFO Yasak Bölge" (UFO Forbidden Zone) is a fruit of my 5 years of study both in Turkey and in United States. I know that nobody will able to read it in US as it is Turkish, but at least you can be sure that lots of Turkish readers will learn a lot about American and world UFOlogy, thanks to this book. farahyurdozu@yahoo.com

Tom Horn:Stargates or something similar that allows demons, angelic figures or perhaps beings from other worlds or dimensions to enter our reality? Our expert on International paranormal experiences, Farah Yurdozu joins Jerry to talk with Tom Horn about his book and research into bio technology and the question of intervention into Earth's civilized history by other beings. Biblical tales of giants among us, mythology of men who are half horse half human, could all of this be true and not myth? Have ancient civilizations tampered with human kind before and something drastic has happened to civilization to cover up these experiments of horror? MP3 - Running time: 1 hour -  windows media version Part 1 -  windows media version Part 2

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Farah was a speaker and covered the 2007 Aztec Symposium for the Jerry Pippin Show:
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Interviews with Jerry Pippin

The following is this latest conversational interview between Jerry and staff member and Programming Producer, Farah Yurdozu, conducted in September 2006. In this discussion, Farah provides and update on UFO and Paranormal topics, both caught on camera and not, many of which have been or will be covered in her UFO Magazine monthly column. CCTV cameras are able to catch some of the UFO activity though of course, much of it remains a mystery to us. During the program, the recent admission by Ray
Santilli that his widely distributed "documentary" film on the Roswell ET Autopsy was a hoax. Ray has admitted to something that many other researchers had claimed for many years.

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We are pleased to spotlight UFO Researcher, psychic and member of the Jerry Pippin team, Farah Yurdözü. Before immigrating to the United States, Farah was one of the leading Turkish UFO researchers and authors. Farah is fluent in Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese and English and has written four books in Turkish. She is currently working on two new books in English. She is continuing her research efforts here in the US, and the Jerry Pippin Show will be included as a recipient of her efforts.

In this wide ranging interview conducted in January 2005, Farah and Jerry discuss her UFO research into the UFO/ET connections with Turkish creation mythology, the ancient underground cities of Turkey, the mysterious connections between ETs, wolves and vampires, Farah's psychic experiences and her work with the ancient Tarot.

Farah's interests are broad, ranging from the spiritual, psychic, paranormal and UFOs.
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News from Farah

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Farah and her work is featured in each issue of UFO Magazine

Special Report to the Jerry Pippin Show


The Turkish media recently featured major coverage of the birth of a very unusual genetically deformed baby. The birth occurred on November 10th, 2006 in the south eastern town of Kırıkhan. The 24-year-old mother had not seen any doctors nor had any CT scans or ultrasound, and the infant was born after a pregnancy of seven months. It only survived for approximately one hour. As the baby was buried on the same day, it was impossible to obtain DNA samples from the body to conduct further research.

According to the doctors and some experts, a genetic disease causes “reverse evolution” in some cases. This humanoid looking baby is also reminiscent of classical ET-hybrid beings, with long, thin legs and arms. Also of interest are its lack of breasts, nipples and a visible sexual organ. Its extremely developed large eyes are mostly red except for some white area and the black irises. There is a piece of pale skin where the nose and mouth should be, and it is difficult to tell if the baby has a nose or a mouth at all. The head is covered with unusually thick, dark hair.

Until the necessary research is done, this case will remain as a mystery. This may have happened because of a genetic disease, and investigating the DNA could help to find the cause. On the other hand, if the baby is an experiment of an ET-hybrid pregnancy program on earth, we are missing very important evidence. Fear, sadness and shame keep the family from making a public statement. This is unfortunate, because the birth of this baby raises many questions and possibilities. Such as, what would happen if he had not died? What is his genetic background? Is he the result of reverse evolution or advanced evolution... or just an unfortunate genetic accident?

A genetic problem or a failed ET-hybrid experiment; either way it caused great suffering in a very modest family. And great curiosity and fascination around the world.



to read the article by Sean Casteel.

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with PRS Director Deryl Mitzen and our own Producer, Farah Yurdozu.
This paranormal reality show is shown on The Learning Channel on Thursday nights at 10 PM ET.

Farah's Translation of the latest report on the Varginha Brazil UFO Crash Case, as reported Brazilian UFO Magazine, published by A. J. Gevaerd, editor@ufo.com.br.
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SPECIAL REPORT to the Jerry Pippin Show, 12/13/04:


The first New York City screening of the award-winning documentary “Touched,” directed by Laurel Chiten, was held on December 11th 2004 at Healthy Yoga Center. The event was sponsored by the Alan Steinfield of New Realties ( www.newrealitiestv.com ), Healing Gifts ( www.healinggifts.net ), The Concordia Foundation ( www.concordiafoundation.org ), Spirit New York ( www.spiritnewyork.com ) and FIONS (Friends of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, www.fions.org ) as part of the FIONS film series.

The evening began with remarks by host Alan Steinfield in memory of the late Dr. John Mack, the Harvard professor of psychiatry who was a pioneer researcher and writer in the field of alien abductions. Also sharing their memories of Dr. Mack were Trish Corbett and Michael Mannion, co-founders of the Mindshift Institute; Alex Grey, visionary artist and creator of the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, and UFO specialist and Tai Chi Master Robert Morningstar. Photos below are of, row one, left to right, Alan Steinfield, Trish Corbett, Michael Mannion, and row 2, left to right, Alex Grey and Robert Morningstar.


"Touched" has a very sincere, realistic and objective approach to alien abductions, a phenomenon which remains an intriguing enigma for both abductees and researchers. Film maker Laurel Chiten says, “I knew next to nothing about alien abduction, had no interest.” But after meeting with Dr. John Mack she decided to make a documentary on the subject.

"Touched" focuses on four different lives affected deeply by alien abduction. Karin is a young woman who had no interest in UFO’s or ET’s until she started having strange physical experiences such as total body paralysis following a strong light through her bedroom window. Peter, a happily married young professional, had been suffering from the same experiences. Both Karin and Peter got help from Dr. John Mack and the result was stunning. Both abductees had been living with this connection since their childhood. As Peter says, “It’s like having a double life, double identity. Here on Earth with my wife, at home, everything seems normal. But in the other dimension, when I am there with them I feel as if this is my reality.” Karin and Peter have a deep feeling of longing for the “home” out there. They carry a very real and sometimes painful bond to their alien family.

"Touched" also brings us other abductees from Brazil: Luppa and Marco Antonio. Both men have started to remember being visited and taken by the aliens. Luppa asks, “Why me? I have a normal family, a job, why?” Marco Antonio and Luppa haven’t had any further contact with the Aliens. But they still wait and wonder if that contact will come, and if more memories will develop.

2003 Toronto Film Festival Best Documentary prize winner "Touched" is of great interest to UFO investigators, and especially to the millions of abductees from around the world.

The screening at Healthy Yoga Center was followed by a round table gathering. With the open invitation of Alan Steinfield we had the opportunity to share our vision, personal experiences and opinions about UFO-Alien Abduction cases.


If you are touched by the aliens too, nothing will be the same for you for the rest of your life. Not only your physical body, but also your soul is touched by them. And you belong to a very large universal family whose members come from very different backgrounds, different countries, cultures and ethnic groups.

The alien abduction phenomenon has a very long history even though the awareness of the abductions did not develop until the 1960’s. Since then we have learned about the abductors and the abductees. The strange bond with the Grays and earth people shape the abductions in many ways. Grays abduct people from their beds, their homes, and their cars both night and day. Abduction can last for hours or days.

For most of the abductees abduction is a painful, traumatic experience. As we saw in Touched , Peter had lots of personal problems after each abduction. He even started to have doubts about having a “real” wife over there who is an alien. On the other hand Karin was shown three young Aliens and was told that children belong to her. Sometimes abduction leaves deep wounds and scars on the body and on the psyche. The cold Gray approach to their abductees betrays no emotion, no warmth. They just do their job, repeating the same procedures on each human.

The Grays show no apparent desire to understand our culture, language, habits, religions, social life at all. The communication between the Gray aliens and abductees is very limited apart from some rare cases. Grays try not to give direct answers. Sometimes they mislead the humans with false explanations. They seem as if have no interest at all in our social life, government systems, political structure, earth matters, food, arts, religion etc.. Or maybe they already know everything about us? Maybe that’s why they don’t ask any questions.

They appear interested only in medical research. They work very fast as if they don’t have enough time to complete some tasks. Are they in a race for their own survival? Who knows?

Another interesting aspect of abductions is that they are not a random choice. Generally the alien start to abduct their “candidate” at very early ages, and they keep abducting the same person sometimes throughout his or her life. For instance Karin knows that she was an abductee since she was a little girl. That’s why most of the abductees have confused childhood memories and inexplicable fears and phobias. In other cases they abduct members from the same family, such as grandfather-father-son-grandchild. If the abduction has only medical and genetic goals this is very logical, as if they are tracking the medical development of the “candidates” from one generation to the next.

Abduction changes body and emotions. The physical and emotional effects vary in each person. Maybe the abduction is a part of spiritual evolution. Or maybe it is necessary for our race’s continued development. Or perhaps the situation is completely different from what we hope and think. Perhaps Grays are committing a universal crime, abducting us against our will. All these questions and more still have no answers.


My name is Farah Yurdözü. I am Turkey's first female UFO researcher and writer, with four published books about UFOs, Alien contact, paranormal, spiritualism and reincarnation.

I speak fluent Turkish, English and Spanish with a degree from the Spanish Language and Literature Division of Istanbul University.

Since 1990, I have been working as a professional writer in the field of UFO investigations. In 1992, I hosted my own TV show “GELDILER” on Kanal D, one of Turkey's major television stations. I also appeared as a guest on many other TV and radio shows and debates related to the UFO subject in Turkey and Spain.

My writings have appeared in Turkish magazines and newspapers such as “Fenomen”, “Tempo”, “Nokta”, “Kadin”, “Bugün”, “Cumhuriyet”, “Aktüel”, “Sabah”, “Milliyet".

My first book “UFOLAR GELIYOR” (UFOS ARE ARRIVING) is a general documentary investigation about the history of UFO-Alien contact in my country and all over the world.

In my other book titled “UFO GERÇEKLERI & YALANLARI” (UFO TRUTHS AND LIES), I analyzed the nature of Alien Abductions and historical cases from a realistic and updated view.


Turkey has a wide history of UFO contacts and visits. In our traditions and epic creation stories, the figure of alien races has a realistic place and role. Today, as in ancient times, Turkey has always been a very open minded country to the idea of space civilizations and metaphysical realities.

A United States resident since 2002, Farah is joining the Jerry Pippin UFO-Files team as a writer sharing her personal experiences and passion. She is also available for speeches, conferences, and any other UFO related get-togethers. Farah gave a presentation at one of Nick Curto's Disclosure meetings in September 2003.


Turkish mythology, including the creation myth, is replete with references to UFOs, ETs and their interactions with the Turkish people, far back in time. The original Turkish people migrated to Turkey from Central Asia and have common roots with the Indo-European peoples that original migrated to India and Europe more than 5000 years ago. Farah has done considerable research in this area and the following article is her first written contribution to UFO-Files. CLICK HERE to the read the article. 

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