2010 Paranormal Symposium & Film Festival
Radio Programs

Program 101This two-hour program originates from the famed Angel Fire Resort in Northern New Mexico and was produced during the 2010 Paranormal Conference. In the first hour and fifteen minutes, Jerry talks with Stanton T. Friedman about his discovery of Major Jesse Marcel while on a trip to Louisiana and how this pushed Stan into the lead position on the Roswell 1947 UFO Crash. Some interesting stories are presented about Roswell and the secret group known at MJ-12.
Next , Jerry visits with John Greenewald, Jr., who is well known in UFO and Television production circles for his work in investigating top secret operations mostly connected with the UFO/ ET genre but not limited to this as he has many classified items on this web site, "The Black Vault."

Then in the final 25 minutes Jerry talks with Derrel Sims, known as the Alien Hunter, about his recent investigation into abductions including one involving a district attorney and his wife.       

 Running time: 1 hour, 59 minutes, 29 seconds

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Program 102 - In this broadcast direct from the 2010 Paranormal Symposium and Film Festival at Angel Fire Resort in Angel Fire, NM, Jerry talks with four women who are involved in spirituality, psychic healing, & shamanistic activities including constructing labyrinths based on ancient legends. Naomi Horii talks to Jerry in detail how psychic surgery works as well as other natural healing activities. Nancy DeYoung has a return visit with Jerry in which she further expounds on her trip to Egypt and how she became a shaman. Then Jerry visits with Dr.Rita Louise about her psychic abilities including actual conversations with the dead.  Rita also talks about her Roswell show and some of the past experiences she has had with Jerry. Sandra Wasko-Flood, who is well-known as a practitioner in the constructing of labyrinths.  She tells the story of how she built one just yards from the White House and her efforts to build a Labyrinth for Peace in Taos, NM. MP3 Running time: 1 hour, 18 min,

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Program 103 - Dulce, a thing of fiction or fact? Col. X comes forward with some startling information about this   long rumored underground facility in Northern New Mexico. Norio Hayakawa, Dennis Balthaser are joined by Anthony Sanchez author of the book UFO Highway in front of a live audience as this incredible story of Grey's living there for Centuries and how they were discovered before World War II.
MP3 Running time: 1 hour, 26 minutes, 29 seconds

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Program 104 - Chris O'Brien talks to Jerry about his investigations in the infamous San Luis Valley of Colorado including cattle mutilations, UFO landings and lots of black helicopters.
Then Jerry talks with Zuni Tribe Elder, Clifford Mahooty who relates a strange tale of a mysterious car ride after a UFO causes the pick-up he and his friends were riding in to die out in the middle of the desert plus a discussion of Native American legends concerning paranormal events. Travis Walton probably the world's most famous abductee, thanks to the movie, Fire in the Sky. Travis talks candidly with Jerry about the event and what it really meant to him years later.
In the second hour -  Dee Gragg, who teaches a college course on ETs and UFOs discusses the sex habits of the ETs, why they do what they do with abductees and tells a terrifying story about why he thinks ETs are here. This program is wrapped up with Chuck Wade who lives in Gallup, NM telling Jerry about his possession of some wreckage of a UFO from the Plains of St. Augustin and how the metal was examined by several major labs indicating much of the substances are combinations of metals not found in combinations on Earth. Wade also talks about how he believes high powered radar was used by the US Army to target UFOs in the late 40s.
Running time: 1 hour, 58 minutes, 45 seconds
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Program 105 - First, Dennis Balthaser tells Jerry about his most recent research dealing with the Egyptian pyramids and how they were built. Since Dennis lives in Roswell the subject of UFOs came up as well. 
Than Karyn Dolan, radio personality and investigator talks about her latest activities.
Bigfoot is the subject as Jerry talks with Robert (Java Bob) Schmalzbach, Northern California resident who got interested in Bigfoot when he was operating his own restaurant in a small town in the mountains of Northern California.  From a promotional idea of the town's using Bigfoot he developed a keen interest in the species. He now feels they may be closer to being human than primate.
MP3 Running time:  1 hour, 7 minutes, 14 seconds
Windows Media Version:Dennis Balthaser 
Windows Media: Karyn Dolan
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Program 106 - Paul Davids who was chairman of the Sir Arthur Film Festival here at Angel Fire talks with Jerry about various subjects including his latest film project which deals with "Life after Death." (Opening bumper is from the movie, "Before We Say Goodbye" 
Then Marisa Ryan looks into Jerry's eyes and tells him she knows about one of his past lives when he was banker in Arkansas, more or less similar to the famous one in Dickens' Christmas Story and that he is here this time around to be kinder and gentler. She tells Jerry how she feels she can sense previous lives of her clients.
Finally in this program, Michael Horn who is the official representative for Billy Meier in North America talks about the predictions or actual trips into the future by Meier aboard an ET ship revealing a very hostile environment on Earth due to human tampering with the environment and the excessive use of fossil fuels among other things. Horn ties it all together with recent events concerning the explosion of Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf.
MP3 Running time: 1 hour, 12 minutes

Windows Media Version Pt 1 - Paul Davids
Windows Media Version Pt2 - Marisa Ryan
Windows Media Version Pt3 - Mike Horn

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Angel Fire Mayor Stuart Hamilton welcomes the Jerry Pippin Show.  He tells Jerry about the great golfing in the Spring and Summer and naturally of the skiing throughout the Winter months. (bellatierra.net)
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