The Man and His Music

Program 8 Reprise -  In wrapping up show number 8 Jerry features the story behind the Elvis Wedding to Priscilla Beaulieu who he met at a party at his house in Germany while in the Army- He was 24 and she was 14.  On May 1, 1967 Elvis married her in the suite of a Las Vegas Casino owner who had known Col. Tom Parker for over 20 years. The marriage was only one of several changes Elvis was making by the late 60s. His music was now leaning toward country flavored crossovers in content and he was becoming a family man. The Memphis Mafia would disband and Elvis had decided to stop making movies and do something more creative including an up coming TV special and a Las Vegas Stage Star.

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Elvis, The Man, His Life and His Music Series - Program 8- Part 2  -  Jerry covers the 60s in 18 minutes, well almost, in this part of the program; more on Elvis and his movie career, inside stories behind the cameras, and the program covers how Elvis dominated almost three decades from country music artist to rock 'n roll icon to motion picture leading man to major cross over artist from middle of the road pop to country music king again. His transformation also was complete from Hollywood Playboy to married man with family to Las Vegas Super Star.

Elvis, The Man, His Life and His Music Series - Program 8- Part 1 - Jerry continues his look at Elvis in the 60s. In this segment Jerry features stories of Elvis renting movie theatres to see a movie, renting amusement parks so he could play bumper cars and the fact that Elvis did only two concerts in 9 years after he got out of the Army. Both concerts were benefits, one in Memphis and the other in Hawaii. Elvis had morphed from a rock 'n' roller to an Easy Listening Radio Star. Some of his easy listening hits are presented plus a medley of his early rock 'n' roll songs.

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Elvis, The Man, His Life and His Music Series - Program 8- Prelude-  In the prelude to this new Elvis program, Jerry features music by Elvis from his movies, a discussion about his up-coming marriage and how he morphs from sex symbol at the beginning of the decade when he leaves the Army and returns to show business and by the end of the decade when he is a married man with a family.

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A Visual Tribute by Glen Pitts

2007 Glen Pitts
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From the special "It's Nice to Go Traveling," or "Welcome Home Elvis."  Two giants in the music business appeared together for the TV show from Miami, Florida to less than raves from the critics but it had a phenomenal 41.5 percentage of the audience.
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The complete three hour programs that were produced and syndicated in 2002 by the Jones Radio Network. The full story of Elvis, The King.

Jerry's one of a kind story of the early years of Elvis's career in the 1950's and 60's, as told and sung by Elvis himself. Based on rare recordings available no where else.
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Jerry's Special Program on all things Elvis from the famous, but now closed Elvis-a-Rama Museum in Las Vegas.

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, The Man, His Music, His Life-

as told by his friends, his associates and in his own words and music

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