Bush Borg
9/11 - INSIDE JOB?

James H. Fetzer

Professor James Fetzer studies conspiracy theories from an academic angle and is an expert on JFK and 9-11

Susan Lindauer

Susan worked as a back channel from the CIA to the Middle East and she knew about the planning of 9-11 and other events- She has stories to tell

Depleted Uranium

Juan Angel Guerra

 I-40 Bridge


OKC Bombing & Terry Nichols 

Weather Wars - Chemtrails & HAARP
Jerry's in-depth program on Chemtrails with Independent investigative film makers Roxy Lopez and Michael Murphy plus aviation expert Mark McCandlish- facts, figures and first hand reports of behind the scenes investigations- CLICK HERE to listen.

Jerry E. Smith
was a tireless investigator of HAARP and weather modification for the purposes of waging war.

CLICK HERE to listen to an interview with Smith shortly before his death in March, 2010.

Hidden In Plain Sight - Report on Underground and Underwater Bases.
Special Correspondent Farah Yurdozu joins Jerry in a program with guest Richard Sauder who is a respected investigative author of some note. Sauder talks in detail about the locations and reasons for underground facilities. The discussion also covers underwater bases and the subject of whether these are all manmade or do some of them have other origins?  CLICK HERE

CIA Dirty Tricks- They Hurt and They Kill
 In this program Jerry talks with H. P. 
Albarelli, Jr. about his true Thriller:  A Terrible Mistake - The Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA’s Secret Cold War Experiments. This program explores 1950's Military and CIA Cold War Scientific and Medical experimentation in the fields of Mind Control, Psychological Operations, Interrogation, Torture, Psycho-Weaponry, Chemical and Biological Assassination and follows the trail that leads to the same activities still going on today. 

Related Link- Our hat is off to Jesse Ventura and his team for some of the finest investigations into conspiracy stories-
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Conspiracies sometimes involve even the debunking of conspiracies, take a look at this video and figure out which is real and which is not; I am not sure it can be done. Jerry Pippin- 10-24-10