2007 Festival Award Winners


The Roxy Theatre

Oscar Ray, Cheston Contaoi and Shiron Ray

Winners were:

• Indie Auteur 2007 — Cheston Contaoi, Spirit, California.
• Best Comedy — Reverend I’m Available, Rodney L. Clark, Kentucky.
• Best Drama/Thriller — Mexican Sunrise, Rowdy Stovall, Texas.
• Best Horror — 99 Pieces, Anthony Falcon, California.
• Best Family Film — RSTC: Reserve Spy Training Corps, J. David Baker, Oklahoma.
• Best Mini Film — FBI Guys, Paul Darrigo, California.
• Best Short Film — Green Demise, Adam Ropp, Oklahoma.
• Best Micro Film — A Guy Named Murphy, Alex Ranarivlo, California.
• Best Student Feature — Vanaja, Rajnesh Donalpalli, India.
• Best Student Short — “Decoherence,” Robert Mestas, California.
• Best High School Student— Never Bet the Devil Your Head, Christopher Jarvis.
• Best Documentary — Building Bridges, Brittany Miles, Virginia.
• Best Animation — “Saul Goodman,” Jim Connell, Massachusetts.
• Best OK Soil — “The Last Dive,” Matt Jenkins, Oklahoma.
• Best Period Movie — “The Ghosts of Ybor: The End is Blossoming,” Pete and Paul Guzzo, Florida.
• Best Cinematography — “Whisper Island,” Mark Goodman, Utah.
• Best Foreign Language Film — “Cherry Bloom,” Alexandre Moors, New York.
• Best Feature Screenplay — “Just Listed,” Stuart Creque, California.


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• Best Short Screenplay — “Cut Out the Middleman,” Diana Kemp-Jones, California.
• Best Movie Soundtrack — “The Lycanthrope,” Tony Quinn, Texas.
• Best Movie Trailer — “41,” Christian de Rezendes, Rhode Island.
• Best Commercial — “Totally Connected,” Randy Brown, Texas.
• Best Music Video — “Stuck in the Moment,” Doug Phillips, Wisconsin.
• Audience Choice Best Picture — “Reverend I’m Available,” Kentucky.
• Audience Choice Best Poster — “The Last Dive,” Matt Jenkins, Oklahoma.
• Audience Choice Best Online Poster/Shameless Self-Promotions — “Real Housewife: Mousehunter,” Stacie Cannon, Oklahoma.
• Best Actor — Bevan B. Bell, “Divine Manipulation of the Threads,” Anthony Howald, Tennessee.
• Best Actress — Austin Musick, “Point of Fear,” Brooks Benjamin, Tennessee.
• Best Youth Actor — Elle Johnson, “Sugar Creek,” James Cotton, Arkansas.
• Best Ensemble Cast — “Reverend I’m Available,” Rodney L. Clark, Kentucky.


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