Charles Covington

Charles Covington has written a novel with the premise of creating the second coming of Christ by using DNA. In this interview, Covington and Jerry discuss the ramifications of theology in today's modern world, and since Covington lives in Belgium, they also talk about the effects of the Bush policies on European views of Americans.

Information about the book:

'Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind’ – Albert Einstein, 1875 - 1955

A smart, sexy, feisty European religious history lecturer finds herself caught up in a roller coaster of a ride with the American academic system where the boundaries between education and commercialism are no longer recognised. The theft of the Christian relic - the Holy Blood of Bruges, allows an Oklahoma University , where Jena teaches, to conduct authenticity testing and leads to the ultimate "what if". Cloning the DNA structure of the Holy Blood is the logical next step, isn't it? When ivory tower fascism premises scientific truth at all costs a few powerful toes get trodden on and when the Mafia of the religious world are threatened they bite back. There is no mercy and Jena is centre stage where the audience is the heavy mob of the Vatican, Islamic fundamentalists and Zionists. God doesn't play dice but is he playing chess? Is this the definitive irony where we, the pawns in the predetermined endgame, create the Second Coming?

Playing God is not a game, it's reality.

Move over Dolly, Jesus is coming!

‘All technology should be assumed guilty until proven innocent’ – David Ross Brower, 1912

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