Jerry Pippin's
Words and Music of Love
 A Sentimental Journey on the Street of Dreams

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Words and Music of Love - Valentine's Edition 2011- spotlights the excitement of imagination in matters of love. Love is limited only by what the human mind can create and this tapestry of words and music is dedicated to eternal love for the souls of the universe as well as for the specialness of individual feelings of love one feels for another.

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Musical selections in 2011 Valentine Show:
1.  101 Strings My Funny Valentine (custom release- ASCAP)
2. Stan Kenton- Street of Dreams  ( Capitol- ASCAP)
3.  The Four Freshmen - Imagination  (Capitol- ASCAP) 
4.  101 Strings- As Time Goes By - (Custom Release) ASCAP 
5. 101 Strings - Theme from Love Story - (Special Edition - ASCAP)
6. Tony Bennett- In My Solitude (Columbia -ASCAP)
7. Errol Garner - Misty (Columbia- ASCAP)
8. 101 Strings- When I Fall In Love (Special Collection) ASCAP
9. Tony Martin - I'll See You in My Dreams - ( Columbia- ASCAP)

Words and Music of Love - Valentine's Day 2010- In this program Jerry walks the street of dreams in the cold winter night, remembering the warm thoughts of a warm love that he had for a woman and how that love reaches out and kindles memories of a summer wind if only in his dreams. A tribute to all those who have loved and won and for the losers too, a cold Valentine's night with warm memories of romance is presented in music and words of love.

MP3 Running time: 33 minutes, 56  seconds  -  Windows Media Version

Special Words by Jerry Pippin & Judy Garland

Music in the Valentine's show:  
Theme: Street of Dreams - Stan Kenton (Capitol- ASCAP)
Claude Thornhill Orchestra- Snowfall (Decca - ASCAP)
Russell Watson- Summer Wind ( EMI- ASCAP) 
101 Strings -As Time Goes By - (special edition- ASCAP)
Frankie Valee and the Four SeasonsCan't Take My Eyes Off of You (reissue-BMI)
Special Mix-with Willie Nelson and Unknown Jazz Group- Moonlight in Vermont (no label-ASCAP)
Judy Garland - What'll I Do - (Columbia - ASCAP)
London Symphony Orchestra -Rachmaninoff Second Piano Concerto-2nd movement - (traditional- special release) 
Martina McBride- My Valentine ( RCA Nashvillel- BMI)
Los Indios Trabaharous - Maria Elena (Capitol- BMI)

Words and Music of Love, Program for Fall 2009- This tribute to lovers, old and young alike, features the idea that time and distance are no match for true love. Featured orchestra is The101 Strings and it is a fitting background for the lyrics and words of love.

MP3 Running time: 19 minutes, 28 seconds - Windows Media Version

Words by Jerry Pippin


Music in this show:  
101 Strings - As Time Goes By- (ASCAP -Mandacy Enteertainment Gp, Inc)
Glen Gray Casa Loma Band- Smoke Rings (ASCAP- Reissue) and also Les Paul & Mary Ford (Capitol)
101 Strings- Close To You (BMI- Mandacy) 
The Hilltoppers - PS I Love You  ( BMI-Capitol)
101 Strings- Strangers in the Night (ASCAP- Mandacy Gp)
Stan Kenton - Street of Dreams (ASCAP- Capitol) 

A Note from Jerry about Words and Music of Love - Back in the heyday of AM radio the Midnight hour was filled just before and on some stations late into the night with a strong baritone announcer and lots of good easy listening full orchestra music- I had a couple of role models in this field, here in Oklahoma, Tulsa had a show called "Music 'til Midnight" it was on KRMG from 10:35 to Midnight and featured at one time Jim Hartz who later would co-host the "Today" TV show. but no one really was better than a fellow by the name of  Franklyn MacCormack. He was on WGM AM when that signal covered almost all of North America at that hour and it was a marathon for many of the years it was on the air running from 11:05 p .m. until 5:30 a.m.  His show started in 1959 the first year I was college and ran until June 12, 1971 when it came to an abrupt ending with his dying on the air of a heart attack.

As a tribute to MacCormack this Valentine's Day we are going to present a rare recording of his show which was called The Meister Brau Showcase. We have included one of those commercials for the beer company as they were always a masterpiece in their own right just as his torch hour segments in the wee small hours tugged at the heart strings of all of us, who had loved and lost. We hope you enjoy the show and when we do our next version of "Words and Music of Love" which we will, we hope you remember and understand why we do these shows the way we do. It's a tribute to a long lost art in radio broadcasting and done with love and respect for those who pioneered this format over the years.   MP3 Running time: 56 minutes, 17 seconds 
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Jackie Gleason Orchestra
  Stardust  (Capitol-ASCAP, Duke Ellington- Mood Indigo ( Decca - ASCAP) , Music Interlude- Classical - reissue- special transcription for WGN  1959
Tony Bennett- Because of You (Columbia- ASCAP) , Baubles Bangles and Beads - Peggy Lee  (Capitol-ASCAP) , The Far River Flows- John Serrel (London-ASCAP) ,
We Are The Dreamers - Diane Elliott  (Mike Corda Music- ASCAP), Jerry Southern - Body and Soul- (MGM-ASCAP) , Stan Kenton- Street of Dreams - (Capital-ASCAP)

2008 Valentine's Day Special - Words and Music of Love

In the tradition of radio's rich history of late night mood music programs, Jerry presents a visit to "The Street of Dreams."  In this program music of the pop years is combined with prose and verse written by Jerry lamenting that there is a place where happiness and love abound, a place that lies in the memories of each of our lives, a trip down "The Street of Dreams."  

"As a boy I used to listen to late night radio soft music shows on such stations as WGN in Chicago where Franklyn MacCormack would fill the night with warm words and romantic music, in my native Oklahoma, on KRMG in Tulsa, Jim Hartz who would later become a newsman and anchor for NBC laid out his own share of schmaltz and nice music. I present this tribute to those great shows humbly as we walk the street of dreams, where every romance is wonderful and fulfilling and every wish is fulfilled instantly. I hope you enjoy it half as much as I did putting it together."

mp3 - running time: 26 min, 40 sec.   WMA file

Music menu: Street of Dreams program number one ( 2-14-08)
Theme:   Street of Dreams   ( ascap- Capitol Records) Stan Kenton Orchestra
Dreams -BMI Spectrum) Fleetwood Mac
Misty - (ASCAP- Columbia)  Erroll Garner
You Are So Beautiful- BMI -Universal Classics- Russel Watson
Racmaninov Piano Concerto Number 2- Columbia Classics (traditional
En Amaratta - ( ASCAP-Reprise) Dean Martin
Tenderly - ( ASCAP - Columbia- Louis Armstrong
Remember When - (BMI-Reissue courtesy Buck RamEnterprises) The Platters 
Theme - Street of Dreams ( ASCAP-Capitol) Stan Kenton Orchestra   

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2007 Valentines Day Special - Words and Music of Love. Jerry recreates his long running radio series with this special program dedicated to Romance. Most of us think about Valentine's Day as a time for lovers to be together. But, what about those who have loved and lost for whatever reason. In this segment, it is midnight on Valentine's Evening, broken memories of a lonely lost lover is spotlighted...midnight and the torch is burning.

Music: Stephen Grappelli - The Nearness of You (ASCAP - Columbia); Rosemary Clooney - Half As Much (ASCAP - Columbia); Music Interlude (special recording no label); Dean Martin - Return to Me (ASCAP - Capitol); Stan Kenton - Street of Dreams (ASCAP- Capitol).

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From January 2003, listen to Jerry's Words and Music of Love, which was a regular feature for years on Jerry's live KBIX-AM radio show from Muskogee, Oklahoma. First, Jim Croce sings Time in a Bottle. Then, Jerry reads a poem submitted by a mother about the passage of time as seen from a mom's viewpoint through her children. The segment closes with the great Ray Stevens' version of Everything's Beautiful.



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