Diana Jordan

Jerry met Diana Jordan when he had his Comedy Clubs in the middle 80s. This interview with her was recorded in Las Vegas in the early 90s. She is funny and actually a very good singer. She is a fellow Okie, so that should explain everything. This segment includes a comedy routine by Joan Rivers, somewhat dated, but still funny. Click here to listen.

Diana's web site: www.dianajordan.com.

A wise woman once asked, “What does a man really want?” And a wiser woman answered, “Who cares?” Still, since you’re stuck sharing a bed and a bathroom with this large and hairy mammal, it helps to know a little something about his eating, sleeping, and mating habits. At last, there is an indispensable guidebook for the harried wife and wife-to-be, helpful hints and words of wisdom. Now you can survive that odious ordeal called “marriage” and keep your sanity relatively intact.

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