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Tony DiTata, ncc53847@cox.net, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 12/28/04: 

I have had several UFO sightings, one fairly close range, (approx. 1/2 mile distance ), this was a disk, and I have had 3 or 4 regression sessions, and 1 fully conscious encounter with one being, this was with myself and a friend.

One encounter occurred when I was about 15 yrs old, another with my girlfriend, (I do not think she is aware of this occurrence), this did involve missing time. I have had a few poltergeist incidents. One of these happened when I was around 14, and just last week my brother told me he had the exact same experience, in the exact same place!

The reason I am also telling you about these ghost or poltergeist occurrences, is to ask a question, I can't remember where I heard this, and I am wondering if you have any knowledge of this, that the two may be connected, ghost and alien incidents? The ghost or poltergeist activity occurred when I was younger. Let me say also that I feel there is more inside, that I can not get to, and I think I would like to know what all is bottled up in this thing I carry around on my shoulders!

Incident Number one:

The first incident happened on a golf course in Brentwood, N. Y., this was in September 1967. A few friends and I decided to head over there, it was around 9 or 10 pm. There were 6 or 8 of us all together. We were just sitting on one of the greens talking, basically just hanging out. After a couple of hours every one was quite bored. One guy lived about 1/2 block away, and he suggested going over to his house, in his basement to watch some TV. Myself and one other guy didnít want to go, and we decided to head on home. The others left, so John and I walked to a spot at the end of the course, where there was a park bench right at the end of the green.

We were sitting there talking, and we heard a sound, like a set of keys, or a dog's choker, we saw a light off to one side, and thought it was a someone walking a dog. After 5 minutes or so, we turned around, and there on the green, which was at eye level to us as we sat, was a humanoid. We looked at each other and stood up and turned toward this thing, which must have been facing us. It was around 5 feet tall, it had 2 arms, 2 legs, and the head was pear shaped, upside down pear, large head. I looked at John, he was looking at me, we looked back at it, and it turned away from us, and went on down the golf course. It was moving as fast as though it would be running, but there was no leg movement! It was like it was on wheels, or like the ground was covered with ice! It went behind two large pine trees. Then after maybe 10 or 15 seconds, it came from behind this tree, and another one came out from behind the other tree! They faced each other, then turned together side by side and went on away from where we were.

John and I then ran to this other guys house, amd there were 4 or 6 guys that were going to spend the night there. We looked in the basement window, and could see the TV on, and all the guys were asleep. We thought they had left like 10 or 15 minutes ago! How could they all be sleeping? There is a bit more to this, but thatís it in a thumbnail!

Incident Number two:

This experience happened when I was 14 or 15 yrs old, I do not have any memories about how I was taken, but I remember being inside a ship, in a room. This room was fairly small, a guess would be about 12 foot square. There was a table in the center, like an exam table in a doctor's office. It reminded me of a doctor's office, in that it seemed to be very clean.

The colors were pale, if memory serves, yellow & white, well lit, quite bright, but, I could not find a light source! There were no lamps, or light fixtures on the walls or any where! It seems there was some kind of a cabinet on one wall. I think it might have had glass, or a transparent covering, not really doors, but it was enclosed. There was one being in this room with me. I was sitting on this table, and I'm pretty sure I had on nothing but my shorts. My legs were dangling over the edge, and this being was right there next to me, with one of his hands on my leg. I feel I know him, maybe from other times, or what I'm not sure. The feeling I had was not fear, but like I was some place I knew, with some one I knew. I remember looking right into his face, and I'm not afraid! I know this guy! At some point, there were other beings in the room, and I'm not sure if I looked directly at the others, there were 2 or 3 of them, and I get the feeling they are different. How, I don't know. In one way, I think they were shorter. I do not know how I got back to my house.

William (Barney) Watson, watsfitz@esedona.net, Sedona, Arizona, 12/10/04: In 1947, at about the age of 12, myself and another boy (person still living) were abducted. I now have documented proof that, at least in my case, medical procedures were used to enhance some parts of my mind and other physical senses. In 1963, due to the abduction I was recruited by a US intelligence agency. The genetic (?) experiments enhanced my mind (MENSA attributes my IQ as being at least 133 and in the 92 percentile. Due to those attributes I was recruited and trained as a US Army Special Forces soldier. I worked for an intelligence agency and the US Army for 14 years, and am airborne and SCUBA qualified. An oddity is that I was raised in a small rural community that consisted of a small population of about 900 persons. From that small population I know that, in the 1960's, at least 3 other persons from that local were also ! trained Regardless as to the above, as to why I was one of those enhanced and trained is unknown, but I have since found out that in 1947 Fred Lee Crisman, who was involved with sightings at Maury Island, WA and Arnolds sightings over Mt Rainer, WA, was working in the same area in which I was raised. If you want more of my story there is much more to tell but even after all these years there are those who do not want this let out. I can provide documented and photographic proof of all I can tell you so this is not a fantasy, and I am not looking for publicity. I will ask of you that names and places be kept secret until there is no further danger to others. What I can tell: Abduction in 1960. In 1965, I was a communications officer of a Gemini retrieval team in the south China sea. While assigned to the agency I was the mechanic of a 3-person elimination team An expedition into the interior of Panama where I saw an Egyptian type pyramid and substantiated a site that contained platinum metal. Puerto Rico, in 1975, I read a military manual regarding UFO's and those using them. Barney

Steve Neeley, steveneeley@hotmail.com, Roundhead, OH, 12/4/04: Hi, I am a repeat sighter or witness since a youngster. I recall lights in the daytime, a large rectangle floating in the sky, daisy lights, swirling white large light huge sleep walking in the woods (leaves and debris on sheets in the morning). out of body experience. Orange orbs following me home. Black helicopters over flew my home. Close sighting of dark triangle three times. I have about 200 pix I was taking during a big "flap" that was during winter 94-95. I had a wireless phone call from my deceased mother. that lasted only long enough for her voice to say "Hello, Steve?" during a close and violent thunderstorm.1991. Surprisingly, I am lucid, well-read even witty and humorous at times. I am 50 yrs old now a grandfather of three. I am married to a wonderful woman, an RN who counsels troubled adolescents. I am retired from Ford and now sell real estate. Sincerely, Steve.

Gil McDonald, Sr., CosmoStarMan@msn.com, Hartsburg, Missouri, 11/28/04: Please take a look at my web site http://cosmostarman.tripod.com.  I have photos and information posted there. Thanks, Gil McDonald, Sr.

Kurt Mayne, kurt_mayne@yahoo.com, Henderson, Nevada, 11/25/04: Hi Jerry...My name is Kurt Mayne. I may be one of the most "frequent flyers" you are to meet. I was quite seriously involved in the UFO/contact scene a few years back when I lived in the Bay Area of Northern Calif. I have done a couple radio talk shows and a few TV shows. But, I was left feeling empty from the whole experience back then. So, I withdrew to raise my daughter (I am a single dad). I moved to Vegas as a result of "weirdness" as I like to call this stuff. And in Vegas I have had plenty more experiences. All I have done out here was speak at a conference near Area 51. I feel in my heart it is time to come forward again. My number one mission has always been to help others with this stuff in their lives. I had a support group out of my home for one year. Thank You, Kurt Mayne.

Brian Johnson, Brighton2007@yahoo.com, Michigan, 8/24/04: My parents do not believe me nor my friends. I used to live in Linden, Michigan. While there I would normally walk down the dirt road to my friends where there is a field to the right. As I was walking down home from eating dinner at my friend's house I noticed a soft Green light flying silently and slowly across the field. It was not a plane because it was a constant light and was completely silent. It seemed about 300 feet across. Please note that at this time it was clear out and there were no other aircraft that I could see. It all of a sudden vanished when it reached the airspace over Bennet Lake. I ran home as fast as I could but everyone thought I saw a plane. I am telling you this since no one else I know will listen.

Patrick L. Fitzgerald, pfxit@att.net, Vermont, 6/7/04:

Hi. I've only just stumbled unto your web site and radio show 3 days ago. Very remarkable is all I can say at this point. I live in central Vermont and was taking photos in the central, eastern area close to the New Hampshire border. This was on Rt. 302 just east of the small town of Groton, VT during the first week of May at approximately 2 PM. But the reason for my communicating is my accidentally photographing some sort of UFO and hopefully of the extraterrestrial variety. I am only today 06/07/04 processing the digital film on my computer so I had no idea what was on the film. As can be seen in the raw digital photos the objects are so very distant as to make it hard to see them without being magnified properly. But even to look at either photo under normal magnification the small spec is not the shape of any sort of plane. Though the lower object in the second photo under magnification immediately takes on the aspect of a plane.


The first shot (above, left) shows the rectangular? object just above the mountain. The second shot (left) shows the object at a very high altitude, and just below it but above the mountain is what appears to be a pursuit plane of some kind. Maybe this second photo validates this as ET UFO. Keep in mind it took me 15 seconds or so the reposition the camera on the tripod so I don't know what happened to make it take off for the stratosphere. The whole event 3 to 5 minutes tops. That's pretty much my point of view since the camera is a silent witness to the event. Below is the address to my own website of the unknown "Twilight Sightings" where many but not all of my experiences are posted along with photos and other things I like to let the world know about. http://www.hobbyspot.biz/worldxknow/twilight.htm 












Jenny Silva, honeymooners4evermore@juno.com, North Port, Florida, 5/24/04: Report from North Port, FL on 5/15/04, 2:55 AM ET. All I can say is that I was terrified. My husband was working. My 2 daughters were asleep in their room. I was sleepless and was sitting at my computer doing some homework as I am a college student less than a year away from completing my Bachelor degree. The windows in the room where I was, were the sliding door windows to my back yard. I have a curtain on them so I can not see the back yard. I heard a noise that sounded like a distant airplane getting closer and louder. It began to sound more like an old "rusty" helicopter still getting closer and closer. My the glass sliding doors began to rattle loudly and the house felt as though it were trembling. The noise got so loud that I swore something like one or two giant helicopters had landed in my back yard. I was too terrified to look out my window for fear of what I would see.

I did however ran out my front door in the pitch dark night to confirm that I really was hearing this outside. The noise was behind my house and was now getting further away, but still as loud and seem to tremble the whole street and even the sky seemed to echo the sound. I did not back away too far from my house because I was literally afraid of what I would see. I have heard of UFO's and I have never been a true believer. I was a bit of a skeptic. I never did see what was making the noise.

Only one of my daughters heard it. I don't know if any of my neighbors experienced it. The whole street was pitched dark and not even the "usually" clear stars were visible. The noise ceased and disappeared as quickly as it had come. It was raining the next day and my husband found no traces of anything having landed in our yard. By the way the only things in the back of the houses on my block is yards. There are no roads behind my house. I live on a street corner, where cars do pass, but not behind my house. And also there are a lot of palm trees back there too. Which would make a normal object such as a helicopter or plane impossible to land anywhere in my area. I don't live near an airport. About 15 minutes later I heard a distant helicopter. It was very distant and was not doing anything unusual. I didn't see that either, but the sound was very far away. I can only assume that this one WAS indeed a real helicopter. I was awake until daylight which was about 6:30 am and did not hear any other odd noises or occurrences other than my motion light outside my kitchen window had gone on for a few minutes at around 4 am. 

Wayne Macey, pointblankjungle@yahoo.com, Roaring River, North Carolina, 4/16/04: Report from Roaring River, NC on 12/27/03, 5:30 PM CT. I have seen UFOs in the past but this was by far the scariest, and it was the most undeniable proof to me that there is life on other planets. We noticed 4 objects and one was rather large. Our whole family noticed this and there were at least 7 witnesses. 

We were inside my grandmothers house when my uncle noticed something moving in the sky. We could see it thought the glass door. It was a rather large object moving south-east from here. It was white ball in the sky. As we watched it, someone got some binoculars, and we also noticed it was glowing reddish orange. After a few minutes of watching, we noticed that a small red ball shot from the underbelly of the craft. It sat underneath the larger object then shot out to the right at a high rate of speed, so fast that I couldn't keep track of were it had gone. Then, as that happened a second later 2 more smaller craft appeared above the large object. They disappeared as quickly as they popped up. They looked about the same size as the object that came from the underneath of the larger object. Then, as we were watching the larger craft go out of sight from the mountains, another small one popped up again above us for a few seconds, and then left. We took some photos with our digital camera and only one sort of focus.

After that my wife's family called the local airport and asked if they were doing some sort of air show or anything of that nature, and they replied no. When the small object came apart from the large one, it looked like it was firing a missile or something. My first thought was we were going to war or something with some other country. Then when the others started to pop up, I was sort of scared of what was happening.

Russell Six, po0lshark6@yahoo.com, Massachusetts, 2/22/04:  I'm 16 years old. And, I've lived in New England all my life. I've never had much interest or belief in aliens or UFOs until last summer. I was lying on a trampoline in the back yard of my mom's boyfriend's house with my brother my friend, my brothers friend, and my moms boyfriends daughter. We were all stargazing when we noticed white lights streaming across the sky they appeared to be stars, only moving. We saw about 15 of these in the span of three hours they would come and go in all directions making erratic movements and sudden stops. They would move across the entire sky in the span of a few seconds. Then we saw the triangle that you were talking about on your sight or something similar. There were three balls of lights, that were similar to stars moving in a triangular formation the lights would fade and grow bright again and often the figure would just stop, slow down ,or speed up. We all ran inside! to grab a camera and wake our parents and when we came back outside (it was gone).

Rachel Rotz, rachel@sparkysdistribution.com, Orlando, Florida, 2/2/04: I saw two very large lights in the eastern sky of Orlando, FL out my porch window. At first only one was ignited, like a torch of some kind. No sound. The light was a whitish-yellow and flickered. Then another light right next to it (to the right), as if in a straight line ignited and the two burned brighter. Then they would shut off. Over the next thirty minutes, the lights did not move but flickered on and off sometimes together and sometimes separately. I went outside in my front yard to get a better view and they were there just blinking. The pattern was very sporadic and it really seemed as if the lights were just shutting off and then back on. It was very cloudy that morning and no other stars or the moon could be seen. We live by an airport and I have never seen a plane like this or a star. I have studied astronomy and know this was not Venus or any planet, comet, etc. The lights never moved a budge! The sun started coming up, and the lights started getting a little dim.

James H. Baker, jhbaker8@hotmail.com, 2/1/04: I have decided to compile my pictures, notes, and drawings into one report in hopes that it may help make a difference in the search for the truth about flying saucers and government cover-up. I have photographed UFOs on three different occasions and have one or more witness on several of my sightings. The report is available at  http://groups.msn.com/TheJamesFiles.

Wade A. McCormick, kindspy1@netzero.net, San MArcos, California, 1/11/04: Don't quite know where to start. It began with passage of a jet, leaving a contrail that caught the eye, surprise and and unknown fear, and lucky reflex that kept advancing the film and shooting. Then bewilderment and a state of confusion. The photo's are some of the most dramatic ever.

I enjoy hiking in the relatively unspoiled hills near my home in San Marcos, CA. It's in Northern San Diego County. Usually my disposable camera catches landscapes, but on a holiday from work in the fall of 2002, I witnessed a life changing event. I had hiked to a peak of approx 1300 ft, and enjoyed a 360o view of brush covered hillsides, distant mountains, and steep canyons. The time of day was approx 2:00 p.m. Weeks previous, a contrail that was a steady stream, with "puffs" had caught my attention, and It appeared again, moving from NW to SE. It crossed the entire sky in seconds. With my disposable camera I shot pictures in quick succession, from left to right. I saw something spiraling horizontally across my vision, moving the opposite direction of the contrail. The sky became very bright, in spite of cloudy conditions. I half saw half sensed something bearing down on my hilltop, a sound, like hissing or receding waves grew in intensity. I felt an involuntary fear come over me. I don't specifically remember shooting the pictures that show with some clarity a "cigar" shaped object. It moved with a corkscrew motion and after a near approach, veered away disappearing in cloud. Next thing I recall, was not thinking about what I'd seen, but kind of like waking up and babbling, (some of my friends accuse me of babbling but now I have an excuse). I don't think I lost any time, maybe a minute or so. Only the shot, (shown above) I call the "anomaly", shows (top center of photo - dark line) the mystery object, but it had some companions that are visible in other shots from same film. I'm U.S. Gov Accountant for 30 years, work opposite military airfield, If it has any kind of wings, I've seen it. Edwards AFB, Nellis, Area 51, NAS Miramar are all in close proximity.

David Bell, david@belldomain.com, Sydney, Australia, 1/6/04: When I was about 11 years old (1977), I saw a light that looked like a very bright satellite in my backyard (Leichhardt, SYDNEY, Australia). It was just after sunset, and the object looked just like a bright satellite, traveling in a straight line (like satellites do), the object got half way across the sky (North to South) when it stopped for about 3 seconds(!!!), I was able to get a good look at it, it was high enough to reflect the suns light, it made no sound (too high), it looked metallic, saying that, it was only the size of about twice what the ISS looks liked from earth. After the 3 second pause, the object traveled 3 points of a 5 pointed star routine, then two loops, then it shot off like something out of Star Trek. I have received much criticism, and have been heckled more then I would like to admit, but it happened. This happened 26 years ago, I was only a child, not drunk or on drugs as many have suggested. I ! saw this object with my naked eyes, not via a telescope, or binocular. Regards, David Bell, Sydney, Australia.


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