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If you missed it on TV, watch the CNN Larry King Show on UFOs recorded on 7/13/07.
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6/20/07: On this UFO-Files Report, Larry starts the show by asking backup co-host and Jerry Pippin Show Staff Member, Rick Troppman about how he became interested in UFOs. Rick tells all. And then, he relates a story of a young couple who broke up over a landed UFO sighting that was sent to him by a friend of the original eye-witness. The girl wanted to approach the craft, but the guy fled the scene with the girl in his car.

Jerry and his remote production crew will be in Roswell on July 4th through July 8th, covering the events and interviewing researchers and experiencers at the Civic Center and the Cover-Up Cafe. This week it was announced that UFO Magazine has donated 1500 copies of it's July 2007 Issue for distribution by Jerry during the Roswell Festival. Thanks go to Bill and Nancy Birnes, publishers of UFO Magazine.

The Big news this week is the Culture of Contact Multimedia Event being held in New York City on June 22 - 24. Our producer, Farah Yurdozu will be opening the event along with Jeremy Vaeni, the co-sponsor along with UFO Magazine, and she will also be giving a presentation during the event.
CLICK HERE for details of this first of a kind event.

Then, Larry invites you to view strange and unique videos of UFOs and other mysteries at

Then, it's off to the United Kingdom to view a new crop circle formed in the famous fields near White Horse Milk Hill and to hear two sighting reports sent to us by Sam Wiley, young UFO researcher and columnist for UFO Magazine (photos below).

Image Lucy Pringle Copyright 2007


Finally, Rick and Larry close the show with another wild and wooly Pick from Rick - this time a a story of a giant mile wide disk with flashing lights hovering over the houses of family members - and several stories provided by George Filer from California (photo below) and Florida.

UFO observed in Redondo Beach, CA. Too good to be true photo under investigation.


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Rick's Picks

Rick's Picks by JPS Producer,
 Rick Troppman. UFO/Abduction Stories.

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