Jerry talks with Nick about his latest book, "For Nobody's Eyes Only: Missing Government Archives that Document the Truth Behind the Most Enduring Conspiracy Theories"  (This interview originally broadcast live on Inception Radio, February 24, 2014)
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Nick Redfern has a new book out that is shaking up Roswell. He says his research shows there was a cover-up by the US Government, but not because of ETs. Listen to Jerry and Nick discuss this alternative idea about what really happened in Roswell in July, 1947. Does Nick believe in ETs? He says "yes," but not that dead ET bodies were recovered near Roswell. Is he right or wrong? Stanton Friedman has recently stated that Nick is a great researcher, but in this case he has been led down the wrong garden path. Listen and decide for yourself. (This interview recorded July 14, 2005)
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Mother Nature creates her own monsters and Nick Redfern, known for his UFO research, actually has spent even more time in the field of cryptozoology.  He has several books out on the subject and talks to Jerry about such creatures as sea serpents, the Loch Ness Monster, Big Foot, and a host of other creatures who are strange, but natural creations of Nature.
(This interview conducted from the ASPE Conference in Angel Fire, New Mexico
, September, 2009)

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Nick Redfern tells Jerry about Project Moondust which was a top secret UFO operation involved in UFO crash retrievals. Nick also discusses his interest in Big Foot and other tales of the strange.
(This interview conducted from the 2007 Crash Retrieval Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, November 12, 2007.)

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In this program in our 2007 series from Roswell's Convention Center, Nick Redfern talks to Jerry about his new book, which is not about UFOs at all, but about the FBI and investigations of celebrities, including Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe and Lou Costello. He also has a new book about FBI investigations of UFO researchers and personalities such as George Adamski.
(This program recorded in July, 2007)

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