Chemtrails Are Real

Chemtrails Part 4 - Michael Murphy, Mark McCandlish and Roxy Lopez lay out the evidence that animal life is being impacted by this Chemtrail activity that has been going on in secret for several decades.  Planetary Engineering is discussed in detail in which it is obvious that several corporations are making efforts to replace Mother Nature in weather development.
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Chemtrails Part 3 The discussion turns into what kind of airplanes are being used in Chemtrailing. Aviation expert Mark McCandlish joins in the conversation as Roxy and Michael continue with their input as well. Various scientific experiments as well as military operations are discussed and information on some the places where Chemtrail flights are mentioned.
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Note from Jerry - December 1 as 90 mph wind storms hit Southern California around Foothill Blvd. in Los Angeles and freeways were closed down due to blowing dust storms in the Phoenix area caused by high winds, record snows in higher elevations, one of our producers, Roberta Scott noticed that our Oklahoma sky was full of chemtrails. At about the same time she noticed them in Eastern Oklahoma between Muskogee and Tahlequah, 400 plus miles to the North in St. Louis Chemtrails were everywhere- see the video
Chemtrails - Is This a Project from Hell? - Part Two - Jerry continues his conversation with Roxy Lopez and brings into the conversation another documentary investigative film maker, Michael Murphy, who has a film called, "What In the World Are They Spraying?" The discussion gets into evidence of patents granted for spraying and weather modification, discussion on liability factors as one of the reasons for the secrecy. Murphy points out population de-population may also be one of the goals. Jerry asked if he was saying these people are mass murderers and the answer is surprising. (some production values used audio from the documentary. "Poisoning the Planet from the Skies" by special permission of the anticorruption Society):

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Chemtrails- Is This a Project from Hell? - Part One - Jerry explains some of the things involved in what is known as Chemtrails, high altitude spraying of something and it apparently has been going on for three decades. Is it for weather control or is something else going on?
In this first of the series of programs, Jerry talks with Investigative Film Producer Roxy Lopez. She recently visited a location where Chemtrail aircraft land and take off, Pinal Air Park in Arizona. In this segment, Roxy tells about her visit to the company that does at least some of the spraying. How she was treated and even intimidation was used on her to keep her from filming and hanging around even on public lands near there. Is this company, Evergreen Aviation, a CIA front company or does it just do some contract work for different agencies that use chemtrails? 
(Some production elements from a documentary produced by Media Rival Productions):

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Chemtrails over North California -  Dispatch from Mark McCandlish- (March 4, 2011 - 11:15 a.m. Pacific Time)
I guess the real question, then becomes "Why?"  Are they afraid to tell us "for our own good", do they know that we are being poisoned for some sinister purpose, or is this a new defensive posture to block the harm caused by some kind of energy weapon being used by the military of another "enemy" country? 

Now, even today, here in Redding, the aerosol spraying started before sunup.  It's only 9AM, and the sky is filled with chemtrails.  The forecast on my g-mail home page says it is supposed to be sunny and up to 65 degrees this afternoon. If this was intended to provide some kind of "defense" one would expect that, the process would be concentrated over heavily populated areas, and persist for an given period of time.  The fact that it starts before sunup makes me think it either involves radiation from the sun-- thereby requiring that the "shield" be in place before the sun appears above the horizon, or that the temperature change when the sun rises plays a role in the timing of aerosol dispensing.

One added note:  The chemtrails are "positioned" in our local area.  One of the first things we see is a number of trails sprayed to the north and south of the Redding-Red Bluff urban areas and these trails run east to west like some kind of boundary marker.  Then the next set of many more trails are dispensed between the north and south markers.  This suggests that there are specific areas that are being targeted.

Now if this was intended for "protecting" a larger population, it would make sense.  But it would also make sense if the goal was to harm, "treat" or expose the largest possible group of people in a given area.  I sense that this is the reason discussion of this practice is "verboten".  Something is knowingly being done, and if we knew "why" chances are we would not be happy about it and decide against the practice.

Mark (