Bodacious the Bull

Clem McSpadden passed away July 7, 2008 from cancer. He was 82 years old and had a colorful career in politics and known around the world for his rodeo announcing. In a tribute to McSpadden, Jerry plays part of an interview he did  in the summer of 2000 while on KBIX in Muskogee as well as on the web. In this tribute Jerry does Clem's famous Eulogy to the Fallen Cowboy, called "The Cowboy's Prayer." The program deals with some great rodeo stories and a discussion about Bodacious, the famous rodeo bull who had just passed away.
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Clem McSpadden


CLICK HERE for video footage of Bodacious in action

Freckles Brown ... Red Stegal would sing his "Ballad of Freckles Brown," and Clem McSpadden would introduce Freckles to the crowd, and give a little background on his memorable ride ...
Lane and Freckles Gravesites Hugo, OK.Clem McSpadden tells Jerry about the cemetery in Hugo, Oklahoma where Freckles Brown is buried. It is full of circus people as well as rodeo cowboys and is one of the most unique burial grounds in the world.  





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