Jack Web in Dragnet was one of radio's all time great shows.

We have three segments from our Memories Program about Dragnet for your enjoyment!

First, Jerry remembers Dragnet and its great radio theme. Ray Anthony had a top tune with the Dragnet Theme. Click here to listen. Go here for more Jack Web and Dragnet memorabilia.


Then, one Night on the Johnny Carson Tonight Show, Jack Webb and Johnny did a very funny bit about Dragnet using the Rhyming Line comedy concept. Click here to listen.

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Next, Jerry features a Stan Freberg comedy record about Dragnet called St. George and the Dragonet as a salute to both Stan Freberg and Dragnet. Click here to listen.

So who is Stan Freberg? "Stan has been doing historical satire for many years, and regular listeners to his 1957 Freberg CBS radio series will no doubt remember his riotous take-offs...

Over the past decade, master satirist Stan Freberg has been making quite a bit of history on his own, not only as a star of radio and TV, but as the man who actually pioneered the now-booming field of comedy recording. For it was the tremendous success of such Frebergian funnies as St. George and the Dragonet, The Yellow Rose of Texas, and the controversial Yuletide classic Green Chri$tma$ which opened the floodgates for the current rash of hi-fi humor for the home. More recently he has extended his talents to the world of advertising, where he has been setting Madison Avenue on its grey flannel ear with his brilliant comedy commercials for both radio and TV. http://www.freberg.8m.com

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