Our nostalgic look back is built around a 2007 interview we did with Mike Miller, who now lives in Florida, but was at one time the TV news anchor on each of the network affiliates in Tulsa. Before going to TV, Miller worked for KTUL Radio there.

Mike has been a favorite guest of ours for many years, dating back to his political pundit days with us during the 2000 election. There are not much politics on this show, just lots of fun memories and great stories about Tulsa media personalities.

The City of Tulsa was consumed, during the weekend of June 15-17, 2007, with nostalgia fever over the digging up of a 1957 Plymouth chock full of items from 1957. Let's take a trip back in time to the the '50s and '60s with a program full of the music and sounds of the time.
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Music Credits:
Lil Caesar and the Romans, Oldies But Goodies, (Del Fi Records, BMI)
Les Elgart, American Bandstand, (Columbia, Ascap)
 Patti Page, All My Love (Mercury, Ascap)
Nelson Riddle, Route 66, (Capital, Ascap)
Bobby Vee, The Night Has a Thousand Eyes, (Reissue, BMI)
The Chiffons, One Fine Day, (Laurie Records, Ascap)
Pat Boone, Love Letters In The Sand, (Dot Records, Ascap)
Elvis Presley, Teddy Bear, (RCA Records, BMI)

On October 10, 2011, Mike joined an old TV buddy from Tulsa, Gary Chew, who moved on from Tulsa to become a classical music announcer for public broadcasting in Sacramento, on the Peter B. Collins Internet radio show- They discuss old times and Mike's move to the Right politically as both Gary and Peter are representatives of the:"liberal"media (you think?) All in all it was a fun broadcast.
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Politics and the Media - Mike Miller - A program dedicated to showing how the  politicians and journalism work together. -  Mike Miller worked as a TV anchor, a Washington, DC TV news reporter and a successful Political Consultant for two Congressmen and One Senator. Miller tells about how the campaigns work and how as a Republican Consultant he became known for his expertise in press relations. Miller then talks about how the candidates were viewed by those DC insiders and he reveals some behind the scenes stories in the campaigns and explains that the Republican party has moved to the right and compromise has become a "dirty word."

Jerry and Mike discuss the nature of the media, those in the media and the political arena including several vices such as sex and drinking; but the biggest vice of all is MONEY. The system is awash with legalized buying of power thru a sophisticated system that rewards the media with huge incomes, the politicians have taken care of themselves as well. It really is the imperial media and the imperial office holder.
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Preparing for interment in the time capsule

Loading the trunk with local petroleum products.

Ready for burial

Official ceremony begins. Down she goes.
1957 Buried Car Photos courtesy of the Oklahoma Historical Society.

The Plymouth rises from its crypt (photo: MSNBC.com)

The 1957 Plymouth is unveiled

Update: 2010 - Salvaging a Famous Rust Bucket
click here for New York Times article and
photo slide show

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Tulsa County Buried 1957 Plymouth Belvedere
A Piece of History Unearthed in 2007

Watch the story: Tulsa Time Capsule with Buried Car.