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Jennifer Granholm - She set the crowd on fire with a political speech that not only did its job for the faithful but laid out some details about the Auto Bailout from a person who was there. She was governor of Michigan at the time. People say this woman could be President someday, not so fast, she was born in Canada so that exempts her from the sweepstakes in 2016.

President Barack Obama in his acceptance speech at the convention laid out a vision for the decade, will long term planning work in a world used to short term solutions? Two months from now we will know when the election is held. With the Obama speech, now the 60 day election season is underway.  

President Bill Clinton spoke on Wednesday at the convention in what many experts think was the best speech he has ever made. History will show the speech will be one of the most effective political speeches ever made.  

The complete Joe Biden Speech accepting the Vice Presidential nomination at the Convention - Biden spent his time on the convention stage talking about his personal impressions of President Obama and some personal feelings about this year's election.

Reactions vary to the Clint Eastwood speech at the GOP convention in Tampa, but it was the highlights of the convention, stealing much of the thunder from Mitt Romney's acceptance speech. Many people say Eastwood, 82, is senile while Romney himself is saying he thought the speech was "funny."

President Barack Obama responded to the Romney acceptance speech by speaking to the troops at Fort Bliss Texas where is chided Romney for not mentioning the military and defended his strong support for the troops and noting we have pulled out of Iraq as promised. Nancy Cordes of CBS news gives us a summary of Obama's speech. 

Mitt Romney: Six years after his first quest for the GOP presidential nomination Mitt Romney took to the state at the convention in Tampa to accept his party's nomination and gave a preview of what his campaign will concentrate on as major themes, mostly the economy- Watch the complete Romney acceptance speech

Political Conventions Creep into Fall TV Season Schedule

August 27 thru  30th in Tampa, the GOP holds forth with their political convention in Tampa. Southern strategies for both parties this year as the Democrats hold forth in Charlotte the following week with a symbolic opening on Labor Day  and going forward thru Thursday when the President will be re-nominated.
Click Here for the official GOP convention web site.
Click Here for the official Democratic Convention Web Site

Romney Takes a Hard Right Turn

The battle lines have been drawn with the pick Saturday morning of Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis) most famous for his efforts to dismantle Medicare, push much of it into the private insurance arena and hinting that Social Security will be pushed toward private retirement funds. A clear choice for voters in November between Republicans and Democrats over the government role in citizen welfare.   Click Here for a good over-view from NPR of what Ryan's pick actually means for Romney.

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