Mt. Popo UFOs

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More UFO Activity at Mt. Popo on 2/13/05

More details soon.

The latest from SPYMAN - 2/11/05

There have been many sightings and reports over the years of reported UFO activity in and around the vicinity of Mt. Popocatepetl, North America's most active volcano which is located just outside of México City.

On the days of February 4th and 5th 2005, we recorded two such events. We were astonished, to say the least, after re-viewing our recording from the 4th, when the technician who was at the controls turned the camera's attention toward a glowing object that was fixed in the daytime sky and began to zoom in on what can only be described, at this time, as an Unidentified Flying Object.

February 4, 2005 Video

February 5, 2005 Video

We were able to obtain a pretty good close up from one of the stills showing the outline of the object's shape. We then inverted the same close up and added these to the set of photos we have posted.

During the time that we have been watching (dating back to February 2001) we have seen similar shaped objects numerous times. Another amazing fact to this sighting is that the object returned on February 5th, in the same spot in the sky at the exact time! This has been confirmed by the time-index of both sets of photos - i.e. 13:37. Although the photos from February 5th are not as clear as the ones from the previous day the object is still quite visible.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what we have seen and recorded. Much of the data we have recorded has never been released.

Here, we post just one example: on February 4, 2003 (note: the same date two years previously) while recording at night on another 'cam that keeps watch on Mt. Popocatepetl, during which time we witnessed and recorded a spectacular eruption. Within minutes of the eruption a fast moving light descends from the sky and hits the top backside of the volcano.

We leave it to the mind of the observer of these camshots to ponder on the possibilities that they may present photographic evidence of UFO activity around the volcano.


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Here is another interesting photo that has never been presented before. It was taken by an earthquake observation camera in New Zealand in 2002. A copy was sent to MUFON New Zealand for comment. There was never any response. Notice the illumination of the ground all around the object. What is it? Looks to thin for a manned UFO. Is it some type of recon craft or perhaps the opening of a "star-gate" portal?


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