The Jerry Pippin Show
Direct from the Aquarius Resort in Laughlin, NV 

2007 IUFO Conference INDEX of SHOWS

HOURS #1 - #3:   Cece Stevens, Steven Greer, Kastara Parasava, Kathy Dickmann, and Patrick Heron
HOURS #4 - #6:   Paola Harris, Rob Simone, Maurice Osborn, and Jim Marrs
HOURS #7 - #9:   Bill Ryan, Kerry Cassidy, Sean David Morton, Steve Bassett, Robert Short, and Gordon Novel
HOURS #10 - #12:   Betty Meyler, Carl Nally, Derrel Sims, Gary Rawlings, and Jim Sparks
HOURS #13 - #15:   Yvonne Smith, Robert Miles, Ralph Ring, Dan Burisch, and Marcia McDowell
HOUR #16:   Tom Fox, Dodie & John Crain, Jeff Challender, and Paul Davids