Peter Robbins
UFO Investigations
Rendlesham Forest in England to Roswell in New Mexico  

In this interview recorded Monday March 4, 2013 Jerry and Peter Robbins discuss UFO news and history. All the big stories and main UFO personalities are discussed in a comprehensive and objective with with opinions flowing like a waterfall by both Jerry and Peter. Films, stage plays and conferences coming up for release this year are also topics for this no-holds-barred interview.

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Rendlesham Forest  UFO Incidents


Jerry talks with Peter Robbins about the Rendlesham UFO Incident, Robbins wrote a book about the UFO encounter with Larry Warren, one of the participants who was there. Other subjects  including Robbins' schedule of speaking events for 2012, his upcoming TV work, and a general discussion about people who have made a difference in his life including the late Budd Hopkins.

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In this series of clips above and to the left, Peter tells of his adult recollection of his and his sister's early-life UFO experiences.

Peter's presentation at a recent International UFO Congress session: CLICK HERE for more


Prior to the 2008 Roswell festival, Peter discusses the speaker line up with Jerry plus his thoughts on the disclosures coming from Great Britain and the Catholic Church in Rome.   MP3  Running time: 59 min, 49 sec Windows media Part 1,Windows media Part 2

From the 2007 Crash Retrieval Conference in Las Vegas, Peter joins Jerry in an in-depth discussion about how UFO and Alien subjects are treated by Madison Avenue.  Included are very revealing facts about top Corporate entities and their possible connections with the Secret Government.  
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Listen to Peter Robbins talk with Jerry about the landing of a UFO and an encounter with ETs by US Air Force personnel in England on a NATO air base. This encounter was the basis for Peter's book, co-authored with Larry Warren, Left at East Gate, and was presented as a SCI FI Channel special report several years ago. In addition, Peter and Jerry discuss the mystery surrounding the involvement of Truman's Secretary of Defense, James Forrestal, in the above top secret UFO cover-up operation, the MJ12 Group, and his untimely death by suicide. 
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Left at East Gate
First-hand Account of the Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident, Its Cover-up, and Investigation