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Peter Robbins and Larry Warren talk to Jerry about what happened in the Rendlesham Forest that night shortly after Christmas of 1980 when Warren was one of the airmen who worked in security at the base. The events covered four nights but Warren explains exactly what happened to him and his experiences including seeing small human shapes near the space craft that landed, the reactions of the fellow soldiers who were there and how he has been treated since he went public with his story.

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Thirty-one years ago over the Christmas Holidays one of the most documented UFO encounters happened at the edge of the Rendlesham Forest in the UK.  Listen to Jerry talk with Peter Robbins who wrote a book about the incident with Larry Warren who was there in the Air Force at the time. This program also features the actual tape recording by Lt. Col. Charles Halt, USAF deputy commander of the Air Base, who investigated the second incident and filed a memo with the United Kingdom military authorities giving them a heads up about the incident. 
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Left at East Gate,
by Peter Robbins & Larry Warren
First-hand account of the Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident, Its Cover-up, and Investigation

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Peter Robbins
IUFOC 2010

Larry Warren
May 22, 2010 LAPIS UFO Conference.

Col. Charles Halt
NPC Nov 12 , 2007

John Burroughs & Jim Penniston at Rendlesham Forest, December 2010

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