Ingo Swann was the father of remote viewing and even coined the term while working on projects for the CIA and the US Army. He passed away on Feb. 1, 2013 at the age of 79.

Lyn Buchanan talks to Jerry about Ingo Swann. Buchanan was in the Army Unit that Ingo had been a consultant working on several remote viewing projects. Buchanan credits Swan for his own success with remote viewing. (recorded Feb. 11, 2013)
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Russell Targ who worked with Swann doing research on remote viewing at Stanford University talks to Jerry about Ingo and the subject of remote viewing. (recorded Feb, 11, 2013)

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Remote Viewing Special
- This is an edited version of a 3-hour special broadcast live, August 8, 2012 on the Inception Radio Network. Jerry hosted a round table discussion about Remote Viewing with five remote viewing specialists, Dr. Courtney Brown, Russell Targ, Lyn Buchanan, Dick Allgire and up and coming RV star, Lauren Kott. The program features great stories and background on successes  and failures of remote viewing, a little disagreement from time to time between the participants, but over all a very important in-depth look at the subject.

Remote Viewing sketch left, described by Dick Allgire during the show:


Paul H. Smith - In our continuing series of interviews with major Remote Viewers Jerry talks to Paul H. Smith who operates a business centered around Remote Viewing in Austin, Texas. Smith was exposed to Remote Viewing while serving with the US Army. He tells Jerry about how the military used Remote Viewing and relates some of the instances where it was used around the world.
(This interview originally broadcast live on August 20, 2012, on Inception Radio Network)

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