Underground ET Base?

Norio Hayakawa probably knows more than anyone about Dulce and the rumors of the underground ET Base, the stories of high strangeness in this area of New Mexico including tales of Big Foot, black helicopters, and repeated sightings of UFOs in the skies over Dulce. On May 12 Norio is going to lead a car caravan from his home near Albuquerque up to the Dulce area making frequent stops to point out some of the interesting historical evidence of the high strangeness that has occurred in this remote but gorgeous area of New Mexico. Jerry visits with Norio about some of the Dulce tales, experiences, and the tour itself. (This interview originally recorded April 23, 2012)   (Song- Norio Hayakawa- "I'm A Rambling Man." (BMI)


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Proof or more proof of the actual construction of the secret underground facility near Dulce, NM has been uncovered. In this program featuring Jerry talking with Anthony Sanchez who has quickly become one of the leading authorities on Dulce and other underground facilities, Anthony explains the research that has been revealed and pictured below in graphics of information gathered from official government documents. Sanchez who suddenly came down with a serious, unknown ailment after visiting the top of the Mesa where it is rumored the base is located tells Jerry what he has found and suspicions about the biological attack on him by unknown sources. (Related link- www.projectleonid.com)

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Nuclear Explosion, December 10, 1967-1

Nuclear Explosion, December 10, 1967-2

Nuclear Explosion, December 10, 1967-3

Dulce Earthquakes Jan 66-Dec 67-1

Dulce Earthquakes Jan 66-Dec 67-2

Investigative Author Anthony Sanchez finds evidence of Black Operations - Jerry talked live with Anthony Sanchez Monday night on his UFO show- Sanchez talked about his recent trip to the top of the mesa over looking the Native American Town of Dulce, New Mexico. He talked about his Col. X and others who have come forth with astounding details about what really is happening at this top secret underground facility. (Related link: http:www.ufohighway.com)

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 Anthony autographs his books for fans in Taos, New Mexico, at the 2011 ASPE Paranormal Symposium.

CLICK HERE to order Anthony's book, "UFO Highway "

Jerry has been fascinated with the stories surrounding the Dulce underground base for years and has done several shows with major investigators who have been there and tried to find out the real story. CLICK HERE  for a good selection of previous shows on this subject by Jerry.

September 2010 - Angel Fire, New Mexico  Jerry did a special on Dulce with Anthony Sanchez, Norio Hayakawa and Dennis Balthaser - before a live audience at Angel Fire Resort near Dulce-  MP3 Running time: 1 hour, 26 minutes, 29 seconds
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