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This section is updated on a regular basis reflecting the changing roles of the "movers and shakers" on the national political scene.

Top Secret Majic Radio Drama
CLICK HERE to listen to the radio play about the Roswell 1947 UFO Crash using actors from Roswell appearing before a live audience. 

A final Goodbye to an old Friend- for our cyber memorial service for Jerry Wilhite, columnist, businessman and confidant. Come help us celebrate a wonderful life by a man who was kind, loved animals and people. He will be missed. 

Bigfoot Programs
Stan Gordon has spent five decades investigating Bigfoot and UFOs (Program date: May 12, 2010)
CLICK HERE to listen

Is There a Big Foot-UFO Connection?-
Program Date: May 09, 2010

to listen.

Could Sasquatch be a Human Species?
Program Date: April 21, 2010

CLICK HERE to listen.

What in the World is going on at Fort Benning? - Tales of strange lights in the sky, even rumors of a battle between US Troops and ETs, haunted residences on the post and much, much more? Was it an ET invasion or mind control? CLICK HERE to listen  

Marian Apparitions - Kevin Cook is a recognized expert who has researched historical and current reports of the Virgin Mary appearing with messages. CLICK HERE to listen.

Remote Viewer Lyn Buchanan talks with Jerry about a cadre of remote viewers who targeted the Aztec UFO Crash and came up with some startling information.
CLICK HERE to listen

FBI memo from agent talks about UFO Crashes in New Mexico with dead ETs-
CLICK HERE to listen

Chemtrails. Film Maker Michael Murphy, air craft expert, Mark McCandlish and Internet video journalist Roxy Lopez tell Jerry about their chemtrail research. CLICK HERE to listen

to listen to an archived show. Jerry was a guest on the ParaNexus Universe Radio Program- Subjects include Paranormal activity, UFO disinformation and other events. Jerry gives frank opinions on some of the UFO Cases he has covered.

Jerry talks with a woman who was the back channel from the USG to the IRAQ Embassy prior to 9-11. She knows it was an inside job. She knows who in the USG was working with Israeli Intelligence and she knows the Bin Laden execution did not "just" happen. to listen to this astounding interview with Susan Lindauer. 

Archived version of show Jerry did for ailing Paul Richard Price. Jose Escamilla, a noted film maker who has done the real "Battle of LA" as a film is the main guest; however, Dr. Bruce Maccabee called in to talk to Jerry and Jose about his testing of the photos of the event and also has some stories about UFOs in combat with military air craft.   to listen.  

Mark McCandlish tells Jerry about his trip to the Aztec Crash Site, Dulce Underground base area and Area 51.  to listen to this exciting program. 

Turning the Tables on Jerry-Usually he is the interviewer, but this week he was the guest on a show which features three ladies of light as host and he was the guest! to listen to this show that covers a variety of subjects. Note: this link also takes you to other shows that Jerry has been the guest of as well.

ET abductions- real or fantasy? The program features Elaine Douglass, editor of an abduction magazine, Peter Davenport on a strange case involving a UFO abduction in Pennsylvania, Thomas Reed about his family history of abductions, and Travis Walton with more never before revealed details of his abduction that resulted in a movie. for this show plus others we have done on the abduction subject.

Anthony Sanchez Gains Access-  Investigative author Anthony Sanchez was able to go to the top of the mesa over looking the Native American town of Dulce, New Mexico. Underneath that mesa is the fabled ET underground base. Sanchez tells Jerry about the trip up there and what he found which was direct evidence of involvement somehow with the US Air Force.  CLICK HERE for the show.  

Jerry's 2013 New Year's Eve Special featured guests Janis Sharp, Chrissie Blaze, Tom Carey, Grant Cameron, Stanton Friedman, and Dennis Balthaser.

the program to your IPOD device or computer and listen at your convenience (This show originally aired live on Inception Radio Network, December 31, 2012)

Jerry's December 10, 2012 UFO News featuring Grant Cameron and Robert Morningstar, including a follow up to Russian PM Medvedev's TV appearance where he talks about secret information he found in the Russian KGB files about contact with ETs and UFOs.
to listen

Grant Cameron joins Jerry to discuss his research on censorship in the major media concerning a major radio newscaster who reported "findings" of contact from other worlds, what President Eisenhower, Truman and Clinton found out or knew about UFOs. to listen to this interview

Laredo UFO Conference, held November 10, 2012 in Laredo, Texas for our page featuring this conference and presentations by Dr. Robert Gross, Stanton Friedman, Stephen Andrasko, Ismael Cuellar,  & Noe Torres

Border Zone UFO Festival, held October 19-20, 2012 in Presidio, Texas. for our page featuring the festival, which includes presentations by Stanton Friedman, Noe Torres, Ruben Uriarte, Dennis Balthaser, Ismael Cuellar, and Gilberto Rivera

Jerry Pippin's Conspiracy Hour is a new weekly series broadcast on the Sceptre Radio Network Wednesday nights at 9:00 p.m. The first episode featured stories about 9-11 with Jim Marrs, a mystery witness who says she was there when the military ordered the shoot down of flight 93, Don Burleson on the mystery about the death of Marilyn Monroe 50 years ago,  and a million and a half gallons of Butane buried 30 miles from Baton Rouge may explode at any time.

New Mexico - for our page devoted to many of the UFO events which have occurred in New Mexico over the years.

Check out our new Remote Viewing section! We have our recent 3 hour special with some of the world's top remote viewers- Russell Targ, Courtney Brown, Lyn Buchanan, Dick Allgire and Lauren Kott! We have added an interview with Paul H. Smith.  to go there!

Thirty-one years ago  over the Christmas Holidays one of the most documented UFO encounters happened at the edge of the Rendlesham Forrest in the UK.  Listen to Jerry talk with Peter Robbins who wrote a book about the incident with Larry Warren who was there in the Air Force at the time. This program also features the actual tape recording by Lt. Col. Charles Halt, USAF deputy commander of the Air Base, who investigated the second incident and filed a memo with the United Kingdom military authorities giving them a heads up about the incident. 

UFOs in War Time- Author Mack Maloney talks with Jerry about his new book that traces reports of UFOs in all major conflicts both in modern times and thru out history. to listen to this new show plus programs on this subject we have done in the past with Keith Chester and Jim Hickman.

Words and Music of Love - current program features Tony Bennett, Tony Martin and the 101 strings- Jerry's look at imagination's role in romance.
CLICK HERE to listen.

MEMORIES - We specialize in nostalgia shows spotlighting events from the first decade of the 21st Century and memories of the 20th Century. We anticipate a re-organization of this page index by early fall, but check back often as we do up date it when events occur. 
Conspiracy Files
CIA Assassinations Revealed
April 25, 2010
CLICK HERE to listen.

Underground Bases in all 50 States?
March 19, 2010
CLICK HERE to listen.

With Reluctance, we have added President Obama to our Kings and Queens of Torture list and Bush brags about waterboarding prisoners- CLICK HERE

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