Roswell UFO Crash 63rd Anniversary
A Photo Journey

Hello from Roswell! This is our collection of photos of events that happened this year, 2010, in Roswell. It was one of the bigger and better anniversary events and our thanks to Peter Robbins, Renee Roach and Elaine Mayfield who worked tirelessly for the city of Roswell in promoting and arranging most of these events! 

Photos by Roberta Scott, unless otherwise specified.

Photo (left) by Don Walton

Stanton Friedman receiving award from Peter Robbins

Paul Davids speaking after receiving award. To the left, Jesse Marcel, Jr.

The Roswell Hall of Fame received two new members this year.
Stanton T. Friedman the man who made Jesse Marcel famous with his book about the 1947 UFO Incident and Paul Davids, whose Showtime movie, "Roswell" added to the mystique and popularity, were added this year. Major Marcel was inducted into the hall of fame last year with his son, Dr. Jesse Marcel, Jr. accepting for his late father.
Walter Haut was slated to be inducted this year as well, but his daughter, Julie Shuster of the UFO Museum said the notice was given to her too late, so perhaps next year?   
Both Paul Davids and Jesse Marcel, Jr have donated material to the Hall of Fame which is located inside the Roswell Convention Center and is free to the public.

Photos by Photos from the Rick Johnson Agency, Annemarie Henton, and Jillian Burgin

The Red Carpet Premiere of the widescreen HD version of "Fastwalkers" was held on Friday night at the Galaxy 8 Theatre. Pictured in this photo with the Star Wars Storm Troopers are from left to right: Leslie Mitts, Robert Miles, Vonnie Fischer, Charles Fischer.
(Staff photo: Roswell Daily Record)

Wes Studi, Leslie Mitts, Robert Miles

Everyone comes to Roswell for the fun each year- this year we did a show with Norio Hayakawa at the Roswell Mall before several hundred people. Norio is a very talented musician as well as being a brilliant UFO researcher.

Noe Torres & E.J. Wilson

John Lemay

Walking Tour

Film Crew at Hangar 84

Noe Torres, E.J. Wilson with the help of historian John Lemay talk to Jerry about their walking tours of 10 important locations on the former Roswell Army Air  Base in connection with the 1947 UFO Crash.  Jerry joined them for the tour and so did a film crew shown here posing with Jerry outside Hangar 84 where the ET bodies were taken!  

Jerry with Derrel Sims

Derrel speaks with one of  the many visitors in the museum. (photo by Derrel Sims)

Pat Gray, Derrel's co-author
(photo by Derrel Sims)

Derrel Sims with Gabrielle Nelson & Dee Gragg
 (photo by Derrel Sims)

Many fine researchers appear each year at the UFO Museum and Research Center- Derrel Sims, the Alien Hunter stopped by for a visit and some of the people from the Angel Fire Paranormal Conference stopped by to see Derrel.  Derrel and Stanton T. Friedman are always top draws at the museum and both will be with us at Angel Fire Resort in early September.

We always have lots of people come by our broadcast booth and pictured here are many who made it to air and many who just wanted to say, "Hello."  


Peter Robbins

Robert LeLieuvre

Charles Fischer(standing) & Art McQuiddy

Guy Malone & Joe Jordan

Cal Gregory

Ken Storch

Clifford Clift

Dennis Balthaser

Mollie Burleson

Don Burleson

Ronnie McMullin

Dorothy Snover

Casey Kasper

Karyn Dolan

Richard Dolan

Louisiana Film Crew

Louisiana Film Crew

Matt Avant

Tom Horn

Bernard Mouanel & Denis Denocla

Jennifer & Marilyn Ruben

David & Meg Armstrong

David Armstrong

Stew Moss

Leslie Mitts

Jill Mara

Sharon King

One of the fun things at each year's event is the stroll down thru the exhibitor's rows. Lots of fun gadgets and "far-out,"must-have stuff for tourists and residents alike.
Even outside, Don Walton had his Knight Rider rip off car, it talks, it drives, it starts it self, along with lots of great booths of delicious foods of all kinds.