Jerry visits with John Greenewald, Jr., who is well known in UFO and Television production circles for his work in investigating top secret operations mostly connected with the UFO/ ET genre but not limited to this as he has many classified items on this web site, "The Black Vault."  (
(This program recorded at the 2010 ASPE Paranormal Symposium in Angel Fire, New Mexico)
MP3 Running time: 21 minutes, 04 seconds
Windows Media Version is a web site that specializes in government documents connected to the UFO subject. Many of these documents were classified secret, but now they are on John Greenewald Jr.'s web site. Jerry talks to John about how to use the Freedom of Information act to get useful information about the UFO subject. Greenewald also discusses his visit to Area 51. (This interview recorded at the 2004 Roswell UFO Festival)
MP3 Running time: 39 minutes, 51 seconds

Windows Media Version Part 1
Windows Media Version Part 2

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